Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: The Princess And The Tea

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Last night’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood begins after that fateful video shoot in Miami. Princess is done giving Ray-J second, third, and forty-eighth chances. She’s moving out of the house they shared and is excited to see what the future has in store for her as a newly single lady.

Across town, Hazel-E has returned with a new abode, and she’s invited Teairra Mari over to show off the house and brag about her latest opportunities…like a booking in Dubai. She rehashes her lunch with Nikki and Jason Lee that ended with Jason tossing a drink in her face. Teairra laughs at Hazel’s comical portrayal, but she’s not surprised as Jason has been known to be messy. She shares with Hazel her diabolical scheme to break up Ray and Princess. Hazel is glad she’s no longer on the receiving end of Teairra’s plotting. Also discussing that fateful lunch are Nikki and Brandi. The girls are working out in the park and complaining about the men in their lives. Brandi and Max have been fighting constantly, and Nikki admits that Kamiah has been talking smack about her new relationship with Fizz. Nikki tells the story of Jason Lee’s behavior towards Hazel, and Brandi will not allow any wannabe blogger to threaten her friend Nikki’s reputation.


Miles is shooting a video for his first single, but he’s having a hard time focusing after his break-up with Milan. Miles is hurt that Milan won’t return his calls after mistakenly thinking Miles ditched him for a night with Amber. Miles has decided that now is the time to come clean to Amber about being in love with Milan, and he’s hoping to break the news during couples therapy. Unfortunately for Amber, she thinks they are going to counseling to work on repairing their relationship. She’s lunching with her sister and sharing the news of Miles’ olive branch. Amber’s sister understands why Amber is optimistic, but she warns her not to get her hopes up as Miles always runs hot and cold. She prepares Amber to be ready to give up on him for good. Amber won’t be deterred. Miles is the Ken to Amber’s Barbie. 

Willie hasn’t been completely honest with wife Shanda about the couple’s finances, but he’s not about to let her start stripping again. Willie is meeting with his ex-manager Screwface, and he’s hoping his old friend can assist him. His current contract with an independent label is on-hold due to lack of funds even though Willie’s friend invested a quarter million dollars in the endeavor. After hearing about Willie’s woes, Screwface encourages him to get out of his contract. Screwface can’t help Willie when he’s locked into another deal. Easier said than done!

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Nikki is hosting a beauty event, and Jason Lee arrives with Kamiah to make amends. He wants to apologize for his drink tossing antics, and Kamiah hopes to be the bigger person after her altercation with Nikki over Fizz. Before any pleasantries can commence, Brandi goes off on “Spongebob on steroids” and he retorts that he won’t be ambushed by Nikki’s chihuahua. Once that insult is thrown, Brandi decides to throw water on Jason. Kamiah attempts to explain why she came with Jason, but it quickly escalates into a screaming match with Nikki. Jason can’t wait to rip into both ladies in his blog. 

I love that Princess is hurt by Teairra’s betrayal. Wasn’t Princess trying to set up Teairra with the Vegas invitation to prove she’s been meddling in Princess’ relationship with Ray-J? Nia can relate as she’s going through a similar situation with Soulja Boy, and Apryl Jones is disappointed that Teairra is causing drama among her group. Princess plans to confront Teairra at an event, and she wants her friends to come for support. Apryl urges her to stay classy and calm when approaching Teairra, but Princess can’t make that promise. Meanwhile, Miles is praying over his decision to tell Amber that he’s in love with Milan. Coming out to Amber means that he’ll have to share his news with the world. Um, isn’t he already doing that given that all of this scripted nonsense is being filmed for VH1? 

Shanda is tired of arguing with Willie over their lack of income. Perhaps they should trade in that new Audi for something more cost conscious? She is freaking out about their finances, and she suggests moving back to Chicago with their kids and allowing him to pursue his LA opportunities on his own. He hypes his conversation with Screwface about working with a major label, and Shanda is beyond thrilled with his news. Why didn’t he say something sooner? Of course, her excitement is short lived when she learns it is contingent on him being released from his current contract. Shanda revisits their conversation about her going back to the pole, but Willie won’t budge. She’s welcome to get a job, but it needs to be one that doesn’t pay in singles. 

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The following day, Princess confronts Teairra about going behind her back to screw up things with Ray. Teairra begins by saying she doesn’t have any issues with Princess, but she changes her tune when Princess accuses her of sharing the Vegas invitation with Ray. Doesn’t Princess remember when she was Teairra’s enemy? Teairra certainly does! As the women start screaming, Princess lunges at Teairra. Drinks are thrown and even Moniece gets into the action. Once the women are pulled apart, Princess yells that Ray won’t want Teairra regardless of whether he’s with her. Teairra spits (classy!), and Apryl intervenes. A sobbing Princess claims that Ray said Teairra she was trying to reconcile with him by going behind Princess’ back. Teairra denies Princess’ accusations and laughs at her tears. She may be crying, but that doesn’t stop Princess for attempting one last attack on her frenemy.

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Meeting with his manager, Willie breaks the news that he may have better projects in the works with other labels. His manager doesn’t want his family and financial pressures to rush him into a hasty decision, and he’s not thrilled with Willie’s proposition to be released from his contract. As the episode draws to a close, Miles meets with the counselor before Amber joins them for the therapy session. He admits to hiding his same-sex attraction for years, but now he’s finally in a relationship with a man. Miles hasn’t been honest with anyone in his life, and he wants the therapist’s guidance in breaking the news to Amber. The therapist paints an intense picture of how Amber could react, especially given that Amber believes this session is meant to work towards a reconciliation. Miles cries as he thinks of how badly this news will affect Amber. Miles takes a deep breath as Amber arrives. 


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