Kim Zolciak Is Now A Motivational Speaker – Announces 20 City Tour

 Kim Zolciak black dress

I’ve officially entered the Twilight Zone.  Don’t Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak has announced today that she is doing a 20 city motivation speaking tour.   That’s not the weird part.

For fans of the show, we know that in episode six Kim was asked to be a keynote speaker at the Atlanta Women’s Expo and she was terrified.  She initially flipped out, refusing to go along with it.  But, she did it and it went really well and she was happy.  So now she is going to take her show on the road. 

Kim announced her new gig on Instagram today, gushing with enthusiasm over the whole thing.  “I’m so flipping EXCITED!!!!! I have talked about this for years and I’m finally doing it! You guys really motivated me after  watching some of my speech on Don’t Be Tardy the comments/emails you guys wrote me were awesome. I didn’t get where I am on my own I have an incredible teacher, her name is Angie and she has taught me all I know and I want to share everything I have learned with you. It’s not by accident I’m living my dream!   my first stop will be in Atlanta, followed by over 20 more cities! Who’s coming? #AskBelieveReceive #Manifesting #EmpoweringWomen.”

Wait, what?  YEARS?  She’s wanted to do this for years? Is Kim suffering from short term memory loss?  She was adamant on the show that she had ZERO desire to do public speaking and the thought of it was horrifying.  In fact, she instructed her assistant to reply to any future emails with speaking requests by telling them that Kim was no interested in any way.  So, it’s great that she had a good time and wants to do more and make that money, but don’t say you’ve wanted to do it for years when we just watched you exclaim that you wanted nothing to do with it.   Reality stars and their forgetfulness. 

Here’s a clip to refresh your (and Kim’s) memory:



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