Updated: Brandi Glanville Says Kristen Taekman Revealed That One Of Her Real Housewives of New York Co-Stars Had Visual Cocaine Residue During Filming?

Kristen Taekman and Brandi Glanville

Yes, we’ve been trying to grant your requests for less news from former reality stars, but this tidbit technically involves gossip about the current cast of The Real Housewives of New York and we couldn’t pass it up!  Kristen Taekman may have just landed herself in more hot water with her co-stars! 

On a podcast episode of Unfiltered from a few weeks back, Brandi Glanville revealed that her BFF Kristen revealed that one of the RHONY ladies has a bit of a cocaine issue.  Brandi chatted on her podcast with The Peoples Couch stars Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard – I’m not sure who is who on the recording since I don’t watch the show, but after hearing some of their sarcasm on the podcast I might need to tune in and check it out.

Anywho, the subject of RHONY and drugs came up.  Brandi asked, “By the way.  The New York chicks.  Are they all on coke all the time?”  Brandi’s friend Mark suggests it’s probably just a whole lot of Red Bull, but one of the Peoples Couch ladies says Luann de Lesseps was probably doing coke this season.  “This particular season Luann let loose and got completely f***ed up so she was probably doing coke.” Just a note here for those with reading comprehension issues – I clearly state that it was Brandi’s GUEST who says this previous quote about Luann, NOT Brandi.

Brandi says, “I thought for sure they were all runnin’ lines in the bathroom.  It just seemed like it. They were all yankered up.”  

Brandi then adds, “I have some inside scoop from Kristen [Taekman] on a few things. I won’t say who, but one of the cast members has V.C.R. at all times. Visual Coke Residue.”  She is shocked that Kristen didn’t call it out on the show (Bravo likely would’ve edited that out asap), “I’m like ‘why don’t you say that on the fucking show!?'”  One of the Peoples Couch stars asks why we don’t see the residue on camera and Brandi says because there are “18 filters on us” to cover zits, etc.  She then says that she told Kristen “you’re saying this to me on the phone, say it on the fucking show!”

They then chatted about how amazing and fun this season of RHONY was.  And Brandi promised to tell them off-mic about who was reportedly doing the coke. 

You can take a listen to the entire podcast here – the coke talk quoted above is around the 24:00 minute mark or so.  They dish on all sorts of Housewives-related gossip and more – including Brandi sharing that she thinks some of the Vanderpump Rules stars are gay. 

Note: Just a public service announcement here about transcription of Brandi’s podcast tidbit.  A few weeks back she accused us of “bullying” her for posting things from her Twitter timeline and her podcast, but these are simply quotes of what she said herself on the public recording.  We’re just relaying the information she put out there.

Update:  Kristen Tweeted on 10/22:  “There is no truth to this ridiculous gossip about my #rhony castmates!!! Stop w this stupid Drama!!! @Bravotv.” 


Photo Credit: Instagram