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Kim Richards has been flying under the radar lately, focusing on getting well and getting her life back on track.  The former (?) Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared some updates on how things are going and revealed her plans to attend this year’s celebrity signing event at Chiller in Jersey. 

Kim chatted with her former RHOBH co-star on the Unfiltered podcast, talking about her health, her kids and more.   On her foot and knee:  “they’re getting better.  It’s still a little hard to get around, but you know. It’s okay.  I feel good. I’m really happy things are going good.” 

On how things are going with her sobriety, “Everything’s good.  I’m actually getting ready to go to New Jersey to do ‘Chiller’ signing show at the Sheraton October 23rd-25th.  I love doing those and that’s going to be a lot of fun.”  She added, “Those I love, I love being there and being able to be with everybody and hear everybody and hear their stories and just get to see everyone and see my fans and connect with them, because that’s my favorite part of all this.”  Kim continues, “I’m enjoying life, truly. It’s a good time for me right now.” 

On feeling better, “It’s good, it’s better now. It was a rough time for a bit there and now just putting everything back in order and just focusing on my family and me.” 

On how her kids are doing, “Everyone’s great.  Chad’s in Michigan.  The girls are great.  Monty’s great, he’s been here the last few days.  We’ve been spending some good quality time together.  So, yeah, just enjoying life.  One day at a time. Sometimes one minute at a time.” 

Kim shares that she just focuses on the “now” – not the past and not the future.  “Part of what I do now is living in the now.  Living in the present.  If I look too far back or too far forward, it gets kind of crazy and I get fearful.”  Kim says living in the present is the best way for her to deal.  She added, “realizing that today is beautiful and I’m super grateful for right now and all who are in it and how things are and just doing the best that I can.  This way is the safest and the best way for me.”  Kim says she wakes up and gets on her knees and says thank you and looks at all that’s around her right now.  

It sounds like Kim has things on the right track and is working hard to stay focused on her sobriety and health. Good for her.  We wish her the best. 

If anyone is stopping by the Chiller convention, we want pics and details!  

Photo Credit:  Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

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