Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: Sick Over Secrets

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Woo. The first ten minutes of last night’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was completely intense! It begins with Amber entering the counseling session with Miles where she hears the last thing she expected about the man she believed to be the love of her life. The therapist introduces herself and invites Amber to join Miles on the sofa. Miles is clearly a ball of nerves. He professes his love for Amber before sharing the fact that he is homosexual. He admits that he’s humiliated by this revelation, and discusses the confusion he’s had regarding his sexual identity. When he drops the bomb that he’s been in a relationship with a man, Amber breaks down and Miles retreats to the bathroom. The production crew stops her from following him, and Amber races out into the street where she collapses on the sidewalk. A female PA tries to both comfort and restrain her as the therapist urges Miles to go to her. He wants to leave, and Amber smacks him as she jumps in the car.

Miles tries to talk to Amber but she screams that she’s going release his secret to the world. All through high school, Amber’s friends always told her Miles was gay but she refused to believe them. The therapist tries to explain how hard it was for Miles to come clean and that he truly loves her. Amber cites the difficulty of losing her future with Miles, and the therapist reminds her that there is no good way and no good time to share his news. Amber calms down and reveals that she could never hate Miles–she loves him, but she has questions for his openly gay friend Milan. She was wondering why they were hanging out so much. You had me for a second, VH1. I didn’t think this reveal was scripted…there was too much raw emotion and pain from both sides. However, when she brings up Miles, I feel a bit duped. Perhaps I’m wrong. When the therapist relates Amber’s message to Miles, he is devastated for breaking her heart. 


Nikki, Nia, and Shanda are “working out” and hashing out their relationship woes. What in the world is Nikki wearing? Nia recaps her meeting with Nas and Soulja Boy and admits that Soulja has been playing both of them. He’s been calling and spending time with Nas, and Nia just wishes he’d change…although she know that will never happen. Nikki can’t believe the nerve of that side piece. She’s been invited to an event hosted by Nas, and she plans to attend so she can put that thirsty ho in her place. Also bitching about her wayward man is Brandi. She’s lunching with Tiny Harris to complain all about her husband’s aversion to wearing his wedding ring and his proclivity for surrounding himself with other chicks. Tiny reminds her friend that she can sometimes be a bit of a hothead, and she needs to approach Max calmly and from of place of wanting to work on their issues. Brandi is grateful to her friend for talking her off the ledge.

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Ray-J is upset that things are over with Princess, and he’s livid at Teairra Mari for her hand in the demise of their relationship. While Teairra isn’t upset about the break-up, she’s pissed at Ray for always making her look like a shady, crazy, ex-girlfriend. The two are meeting to discuss the situation, and Ray accuses Teairra for befriending his girlfriend to mess things up for he and Princess. He calls her jealous and janky, and Teairra responds by calling him janky and disrespectful to their past. Um, I can’t believe I’m going to stick up for whiny punk Ray, but he’d probably be able to respect their past if Teairra could keep her feelings for him in the past!

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With his home life in shambles, Max is focusing on work. He’s in the studio working on Lil’ Fizz’s album. They’ve both been raiding Justin Bieber’s closet and have stolen his diaper pants. The Biebs should be grateful. Max confides in his friend that his wife is going cray because he isn’t very good at sporting his wedding band. Fizz tries to open his eyes long enough to mumble something about Nikki. However, he laughs at his friend’s refusal to wear something that symbolizes their marriage. He may be high as a kite a playboy these days, but when Fizz gets hitched, he’s never going to take of that band. 

Amber is exhausted from her emotional roller coaster, and her grandmother comes over to comfort her. When she reveals that Miles likes men, her grandmother proclaims that she called it years ago! Amber feels like she’s wasted her entire life, but her grandmother offers support and says the right things. Across town, Soulja is treating Nia to a fancy dinner in hopes of smoothing over their issues. Nia has a lot of thinking to do, and she’s done with giving Soulja another chance. Except for this one. Soulja can only say he’s sorry. He alludes to the fact that Nia knows about his other indiscretions, but she’s peeved because Nas was her friend. Soulja blames Nia for keeping company with THOTs and having a bad attitude when he tries to apologize for cheating. If she can’t accept it, she needs to go. Bye Felicia! 

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Heeding Tiny’s advice, Brandi is treating Max to a massage with her feet. She apologizes for being a nag as he reminds her that he’s not being unfaithful. Max also has taken his Fizz’s advice. He responds that it’s been disrespectful for him to go ring-less, but he didn’t grow up exposed to positive relationships. He wants to wear his ring, but he wants the pair to have a fresh start. Max presents a giddy Brandi with new wedding bands for the both of them. Meanwhile, Nikki pops in on Nas’ event. Nas is polite and seems floored when Nikki comes at her about being Soulja’s side chick. Nas tries to explain that Nikki doesn’t know the entire story. Nikki retorts that if a man floods his Instagram with pictures of him and his woman, it doesn’t matter when he last screwed his side chick–be it last week or this morning. She needs to respect her place…on the side. Nas requests security, insults are hurled, drinks are thrown, and cookies are tossed. Gross. Why does Nas keep puking? 

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After his emotional coming out to Amber, Miles knows he needs to do the same with his family before they hear the news elsewhere. He arrives at his sister’s house to share his journey with his two older sisters. He knows that it will be incredibly difficult given his sisters’ stance on same sex relationships. Miles admits that he hasn’t been with Amber for years, and he is now dating a man. His sister questions his morals and his love for God. Miles counters that it is so hard for him to come clean given that he’s the man of the family. His sister urges him to make better decisions and not go down this path. My heart breaks for Miles. His other sister assures him that everything will be okay. When he mentions contemplating suicide, both sisters offer hugs and support.


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