Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: Who Nose What Will Happen Next?

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Last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood showed the men stepping up to the plate…or, at least a couple of them! After Miles revealed his secret to long time friend and one-time love Amber, she is leaning on friends and family for support. She can’t fault him for his feelings, and now she’s ready to hear Miles’ story. She calls him, and he admits to being with Milan. Amber is defensive and threatens to call Milan if he doesn’t come clean about the pair’s situation. He tells her that they are in a relationship, and she’s angry and hurt given that the three have often hung out together “as friends.” She warns him that she is going to get to the bottom of things…didn’t she just do that? 

Teairra Mari and Moniece are getting manicures after ruining their nails during their altercation with Princess. Teairra rehashes her heated conversation with Ray-J. She is so over him…at least for this episode. She is looking into getting liposuction so she can feel confident with her body. Who needs exercise? Moniece thinks that her friend needs to do whatever it takes to feel good about herself. Lil’ Fizz is once again watching son Cameron even though it’s supposed to be Moniece’s time with their child. Fizz loves every moment spent with Cameron, but he hates disappointing his son whenever Moniece is a no-show.


While at an appearance in Dubai, Hazel-E was in an ATV accident that resulted in her having to get a nose job. Nikki, Milan, and Teairra visit her upon her return to the States. Milan says the blogs are inferring that Hazel went to Dubai to get a nose job, but Hazel shows her friends pictures of her bloody, broken nose after face planting on the ATV’s handlebars. She explains that the doctors told her she had 24 hours to get back to America to save her nose. She’s upset at the rumors. Sure, she wanted a new nose as many people have teased her about it, but this isn’t how she wanted to go about it!

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Rich Dollaz is back, and Moniece’s mother feels badly for the way their initial meeting went. Marla is lunching with Rich, and she apologizes for her treatment of her daughter’s boyfriend. Rich wonders why Marla is now on his side and not her daughter’s. Is she trying to scare Rich away from Moniece? Rich urges Marla to forge a friendship with his daughter…that would make life easier for all of them. He also wants Marla to be supportive of Moniece’s attempts to get more custody of Cameron. Whoa…Marla puts on the brakes. Is Rich aware of why Moniece lost custody in the first place? As she recaps the events that led to Fizz getting primary custody of Cameron, Rich realizes it’s a bit different from Moniece’s story.

Trying to distract herself from her issues with Soulja Boy, Nia is hosting her first Mommies and Mimosas event. Her father Teddy Riley is the first to arrive, although by Nia’s face, he didn’t get an invitation. He has been worried about her and he’s tired of hearing the gossip about Soulja and other women. Teddy reminds his daughter that she deserves better, but she’s willing to work through it. He believes Nia deserves better, and this is coming from someone who acted just like Soulja when it came to Nia’s mother. Nia is a big girl, and she can make her own decisions. She feels the good outweighs the bad when it comes to Soulja, and she’s wants to make things okay with Soulja. Across town, Teairra is accompanying Hazel to the doctor so she can have her bandages removed. The doctor explains that he reconstructed her nose to save it, but he wasn’t able to do any cosmetic surgery in addition to it. Hazel is in tears seeing her swollen nose, but the doctor assures her that the swelling will subside and she should be happy her nose was salvaged given the severity of her accident.

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Brandi is one-half of a female rap duo on Nick Cannon’s label, and she’s ready to make a good record. She may have been a bit difficult to work with in the past, and perhaps she stormed out of a few video shoots, but she’s ready for business. Nick Cannon joins her in the studio, and he’s requested that Max be present for their meeting. He reminds her that she needs to work on her professionalism, and he wonders if she should be working with her producer husband. If anyone can wrangle in his wife, it’s Max. Max is a team player and wants to work with Nick, but he’s worried about Brandi’s ability to take direction, especially from her husband. Brandi is all bravado as Nick slowly slinks out of the studio. Meanwhile, Fizz is meeting with Omarion because he needs to vent about Moniece’s recent absences with Cam. Fizz breaks down their custody arrangement, and he’s frustrated that Moniece has missed her last three weekends. Even though he seems high as a kite most of the time, Fizz is a good dad and Omarion has the utmost respect for his friend when it comes to being a father. Fizz decides he’s going to contact Marla in hopes she can talk some sense into her daughter. 

After chatting with her dad, Nia goes to visit Soulja to recap their father-daughter conversation. She wants them to get on the same page and work together to have a stronger relationship. Soulja wants the same, but he’s not perfect. He knows he’ll probably keep making mistakes, but he doesn’t feel the need to express that at the moment. One day at a time, he reminds her. Nia can’t predict a future with someone who can’t see his future, but she’s going to take him back again. Good luck! Later, Fizz invites Marla to lunch to discuss the situation with Moniece. He believes that Marla should be picking up the slack where her daughter is failing. Marla urges Fizz to take her daughter back to court for sole custody and have Moniece pay him child support. Fizz isn’t trying to take Cameron away from his mother, he just needs some help. Fizz breaks down, reminding Marla that he grew up without a father, and Marla needs to be a parent to Moniece like his mother supports him in raising Cam. Marla can’t keep enabling her daughter, and she hopes that Fizz recognizes the plight of being a single parent. 

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Back in the studio, Brandi is over the moon to be working with her husband. However, she doesn’t like taking constructive criticism from Max. He moves his new wedding band to the right hand…for this studio time, they are single. This is business. When Brandi’s partner gets in the booth, Max cites that she’s killing it. Why can’t Brandi get those compliments? She nags Max about how to handle her, but she’s checking texts. Time is money in the studio, and a frustrated Max walks out since Brandi can’t seem to understand the need to maintain professionalism.

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Moniece is rehearsing her new music. Fizz pops in to ask how she has time for rehearsal but not time to spend time with Cameron. Moniece accuses Fizz of bullying her and not understanding her ambition. As she cusses, Fizz tries to remain calm as he tries to assert that he’s trying to help her be a more present force in their son’s life. Moniece breaks down, and Fizz tears up revealing her conversation with Marla. He’s on her side, and he wants them to be able to communicate in a healthy manner when it comes to their son. Fizz is certainly a stand-up guy…even if he is still perusing the menu in his romantic life. The episode concludes with Amber confronting Milan about his relationship with Miles. Milan is also ready to get Amber out of Miles’ life. This is going to end well!


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