Brooks Ayers Brings Chemo Bill Proof For E! Interview? Did He Copy It From Google Images??


Brooks Ayers is making the rounds to dish on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and attempting to defend himself and his cancer diagnosis.  Not only did Brooks do an exclusive sit-down with Andy Cohen (which won’t be aired until November 12th), but also gave a several-part interview to E! News.  He is attempting to provide “proof” of his diagnosis via a chemotherapy bill – but is it a fake bill he grabbed from Google Images?!

E! has been airing snippets of Brooks’ interview on their site and dropping bits of it during evening airings of their news show.  Yesterday Brooks shared “proof” with them about his cancer in the form of a supposed chemotherapy bill, and verbally confirmed that he has Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and says his lesions are gone.  He won’t say he’s in remission, but things are “normalized.” 

Brooks shared three chemo bills, of which the interviewer held up one for viewers to see.  The bill shows chemotherapy charges from January, 2015 from City of Hope.  But after a little bit of digging, a reddit user thinks Brooks may be bullshitting a bit!  Interestingly, Brooks’ charges on his bill are line-by-line identical to a bill that happens to be the very first search result on Google Images when you plug in “chemotherapy bill.” 


Credit: Reddit user ccerulean

We don’t know if it’s coincidence, but if you read the link for the bill on the right from back in 2012, it was from a report about a possible huge overcharge to the patient by Carolinas Medical Center. 

Is it fishy that the charges, including the wording, etc, are pretty much identical?  You tell us what you think. 

Brooks’ interview snippet is below: 


 Photo Credits: Reddit/Google/Bravo TV