Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: Unintentionally Messy

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Last night’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood begins with Amber on her mission to get dirt on Miles, storming into Milan’s studio’s session. He hasn’t spoken to Miles in weeks, save a few texts, and he’s ready to confront Amber about her relationship with Miles…as she wants to do regarding his. Milan breaks the news that the pair have been dating for two years. Amber is floored. Two years? She admits that she’s hurt and upset, and he reveals that he’s been urging Miles to be honest for ages. Milan shares that Miles claims Amber is a friend who can’t distance himself from his clingy pal. He’s even been fronting Miles the money he’s lent to Amber. This news is an extra blow, and Milan can’t help but feel sorry for her. She counters that had Miles been honest, she would have been friends with both of them…as a couple. The one time adversaries end the conversation with a hug.

Omarion and Willie are shooting hoops and talking music. Willie requests Omarion’s guidance with the independent label contract he’s trying to skirt. Omarion can sympathize, but it’s a rite of passage that can lead to great success. Willie needs to hustle in any way possible to reach his goals. Willie understands, but he’s worried he’ll lose Shanda’s support if he’s unable to get out of his contract. Meanwhile, after her emotional exchange with Fizz, Moniece is wondering why her mother is trying to sabotage her relationship with Rich Dollaz. Like Fizz, Rich is confused as to why Marla is on a rampage against her daughter, but he’s even more confused as to why Moniece doesn’t want to know her mother’s motives. Moniece goes from calm to crazy, breaking down in Rich’s arms. 


After talking to Miles and Milan, Amber is shocked that she didn’t pick up on Miles’ sexual orientation earlier. She meets with Moniece and Teairra Mari. Moniece understands how heavy this new must have been to her friend, and both women are shocked to learn that he’s been in a long-term relationship with Milan. No way! Amber can’t understand how her self-proclaimed best friend could keep such a secret from her. After rehashing their counseling session, she tells her girls that she is ready to face him now. Across town, Willie and Shanda are enjoying some family time. When questioned about getting out of his contract, Willie glosses over his conversation with his manager, implying it’s a done deal. Shanda is thrilled…what a weight off their shoulders! Willie hates lying, but he doesn’t want his wife to continue stressing about their finances.

Rich is trying to lift Moniece’s spirits as she sinks deeper into her negative thoughts. He offers to facilitate a conversation between Moniece and Marla, but Moniece remains staunch. Three strikes, and Marla is out! Knock, knock! Marla arrives at the couple’s apartment at Rich’s request, and Moniece asks her mother if she was trying to warn Rich about Moniece’s shortcomings. Marla tries to explain that there are three sides to every story. She continues with more of the same when Moniece questions Marla about telling Fizz to go back to court for full custody. Marla may sound harsh, but she swears she has Moniece’s best interest at heart. If Moniece feels threatened by losing custody of Cameron, perhaps she’ll step up to the plate and be more responsible. Moniece wonders if her mother realizes that her actions during Moniece’s childhood may have negatively impacted her current decisions. Marla apologizes for how her daughter is feeling, but Moniece is detached. She would like Marla to butt out of her life going forward. 

The day has arrived! Teairra is finally getting her much-anticipated lypo-suction, and she’s enlisted her two surgery lovin’ friends for support. Hazel-E and Nikki are joining her at the doctor’s office, and the two differ as to how long it will take for Teairra to heal. She only has two weeks until the fashion show for her blazer launch. The surgeon comes in and creepily talks about what a great canvas he has for full lypo, and Teairra’s skin will snap back like a rubber band. Yikes. After telling that little white lie to his wife, Willie heads to the studio to make the lie a truth. He bursts in on Screwface who wants a managerial percentage to help Willie get out of his contract. Willie isn’t keen on giving away even more of his dwindling money, but he’s desperate. Screwface promises to have Willie out of his current deal in a day’s time. 

Now that she’s broken up with Ray-J, Princess is focused on her swimsuit line. Over dinner, she’s chatting with Hazel who she hopes will help promote her business. Even though Hazel is friends with Teairra, the girls bond over the importance of women empowering each other. While Hazel is fully aware of the details behind Teairra and Princess’ falling out, that doesn’t mean that she can’t judge Princess for herself. As Princess drones on about her distrust for Teairra, it’s all Hazel can do to keep from spilling the tea about Teairra’s surgery. She’s not that messy…at the moment. Later, Shanda wants to surprise Willie with a lunch date, but when she gets to the studio, she finds Screwface. He casually mentions that he’s hopeful that he can get Willie out of the contract. Perhaps that will calm Willie’s frazzled nerves. Shanda masks her surprise upon learning of her husband’s lie. She quickly retreats…no lunch for Willie!

Back at home after going under the knife, Teairra is in a lot of pain. Nikki can relate. Seriously. Hazel and Nikki check in on their friend who describes feeling like she’s been run over by a bus. Nikki is concerned that her friend isn’t on track for their upcoming event. Hazel starts spouting off a list of details that neither Nikki nor Teairra have even considered in planning a fashion show and launch party. Hazel offers her services in planning the event, and she suggests to Nikki that they enlist Princess as well…there is power in numbers. Nikki has seen some of Princess’ designs, and she agrees that a bigger event would make a stronger impact. However, Nikki is fully aware of the beef between Princess and Teairra, and she doesn’t want to open a can of worms. Hazel reminds Nikki that Teairra wasn’t concerned with alliances last season, and Nikki reluctantly gives the go-ahead to include Princess and her swimwear line in the show.

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True to his word, Screwface has gotten Willie out of his contract. Willie can’t wait to share the news with Shanda, and he rushes home with flowers and champagne. Unfortunately, Shanda is nowhere to be found (unless you’re looking at the strip club). Believing her family is still in the same woeful financial state as before, she’s taken it upon herself to go back to work…on the pole. The episode ends with Miles agreeing to meet Amber in a neutral location–a parking lot. She says she’s ready to hear the truth, and a moody Miles answers questions with one syllable responses. Amber demands to see the matching tattoo that he’s gotten with Milan while accusing Miles of calling her clingy. She wishes that he had told her earlier instead of stringing her along for so many years. Miles mumbles that he’s never done anything intentionally to hurt her. Intentionally? INTENTIONALLY? Amber storms off–she can’t believe he’s being so blasse. Miles tries to explain his decision, but Amber doesn’t want to hear it. She’s not mad, they are still friends, but he’s going to be sorry when she hits it big. Um, what? 


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