Couples Therapy Recap: There Are 3 Sides To Every Story

Joe Returns To Couples Therapy

Last week on Couples Therapy, we were left hanging with Joe’s return to the house and being immediately jumped on by Janice, who claimed she waited up out of concern for him. Joe, and everyone else with half of a brain could tell that was nothing but bullshit, and Janice kept pushing and pushing Joe to admit that he is nothing more than a woman beater. Joe stood his ground though, claiming he never hit anyone and that perhaps, what everyone “heard” was not true. 

Now, as much as I am not a fan of Joe, I can’t possibly be the only who has noticed how cool and calm he is, even when mad? Perhaps I am missing something, but that certainly doesn’t scream “woman beater” to me. Of course, there is always more than one side to a story. And Scott Stapp hit the nail on the head last night when he told the others, “There is her side, his side, and the actual truth.” But would Dr. Jenn be able to get to the truth?


While we may never know the actual truth behind the charges against Joe Budden, one thing I’m fairly certain of is that someone seems like they came to Couples Therapy for nothing more than stir up drama in the house. Tell me I am not the only one who thinks this?

Janice Dickinson couples therapy

Please Stop Twisting My Words Around

After being confronted by Janice, and Janice storming off after telling her that it’s okay to beat your kids’ ass when they misbehave, Joe was then confronted by Carmen. Carmen wanted answers to what Janice had told her and Adrian (that Joe wanted to know how they had sex, and what her lady parts looked like). Deny, deny, deny. Whether he did say that or not, Joe insisted that is not what happened. Instead, Joe was straight forward and told Carmen that the only question he had was about Adrian’s sexuality. Fair enough.


Carmen was pleased with his response, but Adrian was pissed that Carmen took it upon herself to ask the questions that he wanted to ask Joe. Adrian and Joe seemed to make amends, both determining that Janice had twisted Joe’s words around. Later in the episode, Joe confronted Janice about what she said with Carmen and Adrian right next to him, and Janice quickly changed the subject. Guilty of lying? Hmm, seems to me like she is only there for the drama.

Joe Budden and KaylinGarcia Couples Therapy

If You Love Me, Quit Making Me Out To Be A Monster That I Am Not

Throughout the episode, Joe insisted that he never beat anyone. Joe had a good heart to heart with Scott and Neil, who both seemed to give him the benefit of the doubt. However, Scott informed Joe that Kaylin was making it sound like he was a woman beater and that she was terrified of him. Is anyone else starting to feel less and less sorry for Kaylin? I know I sure am. When Joe confronted Kaylin about it (again in a very calm way), Kaylin admitted that the only proof she had was Google. Seriously, it’s Google folks.

Dr. Jenn also decided that she needed to get to the bottom of the issue and brought in Joe and Kaylin for a one-on-one session. Joe begged Kaylin not to paint him into something he’s not, and he questioned when he ever made her feel the need to walk on eggshells around him. Kaylin couldn’t even answer, admitting once again that she was only going by the stories that she had heard, but she never bothered to ask her man about any of it. Say what? Someone slap this chick now. Later in the group session, Kaylin told everyone what she told Dr. Jenn, and she apologized to Joe, but something tells me that these two may not work out after all.

Carmen and Adrian Couples Therapy

The Shut The Hell Up And Let Him Speak Award This Week Goes To…

Carmen! Yes, that may be a shocker since it’s normally Janice or Big Ang, but this week’s award goes to Carmen. When Adrian got a text from a friend, Carmen jumped on him and would not give him more than two seconds to even explain that he wasn’t plotting anything secret. Every time Adrian attempted to open his mouth, Carmen would just cut him off and take over with her ranting. It got to a point that Adrian just stuffed his head in the pillow to tune her out since he wasn’t allowed to get a word in at all.

But a short time later, Carmen told Adrian she would shut up and let him talk. Yeah, that lasted about ten seconds. If she wasn’t cutting him off, she would turn her back to him to do her make-up. Finally, Adrian had enough and stormed out. During the group session, Dr. Jenn could tell that something was eating Adrian, and when she asked, Adrian blew up and said that Carmen “pissed him off.” Dr. Jenn explained to Carmen that if she continues to not allow Adrian to speak, he will never open up to her, and their relationship will be doomed forever.

Adrian pissed Couples Therapy

Unusually Quiet, But We Like It

Who did we barely see or hear from this week? Big Ang! We definitely missed her, but during the group session, it looked as though she and Neil were quite happy, making us think that perhaps this couple will make it. However, after watching next week’s preview, I am not so sure about Scott and Jackie. Uh oh….


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