Couples Therapy Recap: Who Knew A Beating Could Feel So Good?

Adrian Torres Couples Therapy

Each week on Couples Therapy, we’ve been watching as all of the couples transform their lives and their relationships – well, almost all of them, that is. A few are still in need of some serious help, but perhaps this week would be the week we would see some more changes? Absolutely! This week, it was all about over coming their trauma from childhood and moving forward.

And if a serious group session discussing all of the traumatic events wasn’t enough, beating the crap out of their pasts certainly was. I’ll get to that later. First, the group sat down with Dr. Jenn to discuss what has been influencing their relationships from their past. You’re not going to want to miss this.


Things just took a turn to very serious on Couples Therapy – not that it hasn’t been, but tonight things got very deep. It all started when Dr. Jenn asked each of the couples to reveal what traumatic event may be playing a part in how they treat their relationship. 

Scott Stapp reveals a secret on Couples Therapy

Shocking Revelations 

During the session, some of the celebrities (i.e. Janice) dished on things we already knew (that she was abused, etc.), but others came as quite the shock. For starters, Neil revealed that he was just like his father with his drinking and leaving, and as it turns out, his relationship with Big Ang mirrors his parents. Meanwhile, Carmen broke down in tears when she admitted that her father passed away when she was only a year old from AIDS, yet her mother never told her the truth about it.

Kaylin dished about how her mother was the actual abuser, as she detailed beatings she used to get, as well as getting her head shaved when she was “bad.” And get this – Joe even put his arms around Kaylin as she was sobbing – talk about a shocker! Scott, however, took everyone by surprise when he revealed that his real father left when he was only 5, and after that, he was the subject of non stop abuse at the hands of many different men that came into his life – who knew?


Joe Budden chats with Big Ang on Couples Therapy

You’ve Got To Be Kidding

No, I really wasn’t kidding about Joe hugging Kaylin. What’s more is that not only was Joe sympathetic to Kaylin, but he was also crying (shocker, I know), when the others were telling their stories. When it was his turn though, Joe insisted that he had a great childhood, despite his parents being addicts. Dr. Jenn didn’t believe him, and neither did anyone watching at home. Joe kept insisting that he had no bad memories of anything with his parents, or at least anything before age 7. In fact, he didn’t seem to remember anything that happened early on his childhood. Hmm, what was he hiding?

A Turning Point

Not one, but two. Joe finally decided to speak with Dr. Jenn alone, and he dished about why he was so emotional – his son. Joe hasn’t been a part of his son’s life, and the last time he tried to see him, his son didn’t want him there. And eating Joe even more was that he didn’t want to push Kaylin away or make her feel unloved, because, wait for it…..deep down inside, Joe loves Kaylin. Yep, straight from the horse’s mouth, folks.

Janice talks about her past on Couples Therapy

Like I said, Joe was the only one who may be changing for the better. Janice also admitted that her past is likely the reason she treats Rocky the way she does – she’s afraid he’s not going to be there when she needs him. Even more surprising (and sweet) was watching Janice embrace Rocky and tell him how sorry she really is for how she has been treating him. Only time will tell if she continues to change for the better.

Ah, Doesn’t That Feel Better?

After their group session (and probably a good night’s sleep), the couples then met with Dr. Jenn and Dr. Mike for an exercise session. This time, they each got the chance to beat the crap out of a picture of themselves filled with hateful words that reminded them of their pasts. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? They had baseball bats, golf clubs and paint to destroy all those memories that made them feel so bad. They all beat up their pasts pretty bad, but Scott’s took the cake as he demolished his to the ground in a fit of rage.

Couples Therapy Rocky

Funniest Moment Of The Week

Yes, it was very deep this week, but that didn’t mean that the group didn’t take some time to unwind and have some fun, err, dance it off. And the funniest moment of this week’s episode was definitely watching Kaylin try to teach Rocky how to Twerk. What has been seen cannot be unseen, folks, ha.

Tune in (or come back here) next week to find out what happens when Scott gets to come face to face with his dad again.


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