Cody Simpson with Mom Angie - RHOBH

So why isn’t Angie Simpson, mom of popstars Cody Simpson and Alli Simpson, appearing on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills this season? It’s all because of the pesky interference of the federal government! Dang – the feds and Bravo –  Do. Not. Mix.  

Angie was spotted filming with the ladies throughout the summer and confirmed her involvement with Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Then she abruptly disappeared from the cast’s events. According to Angie her work Visa was denied and she was no longer able to participate.  


Angie was brought into the group as an acquaintance of Yolanda Foster. Cody happens to be the ex-boyfriend of Gigi Hadid. Angie formed a friendship with Yo, and through that Angie got involved in Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Angie Simpson filming for RHOBHAngie filming for RHOBH [Credit: Instagram]

Revealing her brief, but luminous time as the Real Housewife who never was, Angie shared a photo of herself filming scenes alongside Kyle Richards and Ken Todd. (Above). 

“Yes I started filming on the ‘Real Housewife of Beverly Hills’ this season,” Angie confirmed via Instagram. Angie explains she “was excited to bring a cool aspect to the show of a chill Aussie Mum!”

Yolanda Foster, Gigi Hadid, Cody SimpsonIt’s a Lyme Sandwich! Gigi, Cody, and Yolanda back in March. [Credit: Twitter]

Unfortunately Angie’s dreams were dashed. “But due to my USA working visa being declined by immigration i had to pull out of the show and the rest of the season.” Angie should have taken Brandi’s advice about having a back-up plan…  

“This was quite a blow to me after working so hard to get the job,” added a disheartened Angie. This must have been when Kathryn Edwards was added to the cast – as a replacement for Angie. 

Angie isn’t giving up her Housewives dreams however, and shares she’s still pursuing it. “I am currently still working hard with US immigration 4 months later trying to get it approved and to be able to work for myself and be able to stay with my children here in the USA!”

Some of the footage Angie filmed with Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills seems like it will be featured on the show – in the preview for this season she is shown in a dinner scene with Yolanda.

In July, Angie revealed to Australia’s NW Magazine that she had joined the cast as a replacement for Brandi Glanville.

Angie moved to LA in 2010 to help further Cody’s music career, and has since carved out a celebrity-centric glamorous life. Cody and Gigi broke up this spring (Gigi started dating Joe Jonas shortly after), but apparently Angie and Yolanda remained Hollywood friends

Angie Simpson with Gigi HadidAngie also continues to have a relationship with Gigi. [Photo Credit: Instagram]

I actually think Angie would have been an interesting addition, provided her role wasn’t constantly pimpmomager-ing her children’s careers and her own celebrity endeavors. Maybe next season!? 


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