Kandi Burruss And Kenya Moore Share More Details About Glen Rice Jr’s Behavior In Miami

Kandi Burruss

From Porsha‘s twerking to the terrible edit job to Glen‘s behavior, this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta was hard to watch. (Newsflash RHOA Producers: reality TV is supposed to be fun, not exhausting!) Thankfully, both Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore took to Twitter and Instagram to fill us in on what the edit failed to show.

During the show, Kandi made it be known that she is on Kenya‘s side, and she asked how her co-stars could even entertain the idea that Glen Rice Jr getting physical with Tammy McCall-Browning was Kenya’s fault.


When asked by a viewer if her opinion changed after watching the show, Kandi said, “I feel he needed to leave. Calling us bitches & hoes & acting crazy…. hell naw. He needed to go.” She added, “There were a few more things he said that they are not even showing. Crazy!”


Kandi pointed out that any one of them could have been the one pushed by Glen, including her pregnant self, “Tammy was knocked out for a few seconds. That could’ve been either one of us. He was way to aggressive for no reason.”

On Instagram, Kandi shared the video of Tammy‘s creepy return. “After Tammy was taken to the hospital & the cameras were all gone, the security locked all the doors of the house & they told us Tammy was staying at a hotel for the night & they were taking her her things,” she explained. “So a group of us were sitting down stairs in the living room talking about everything that happened.”

Kandi’s Instagram: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

Kandi continued, “All of a sudden Sheree was like Tammy‘s at the door! & the guys were with Tammy so we all jumped up & ran! I guess we ran because we were told that she wasn’t suppose to come back that night. & not only was she back but she was back with the guys that had just flipped on us so we didn’t know what their intentions were. We all ran to my room & called security. Security said they were gonna handle it & I told them we would wait in my room until Tammy & the guys were gone. Anyway, since there were no cameras I pulled out my phone & we were cracking up with each other about how silly we were to run.”

“After a while we got a knock at my bedroom door,” shared Kandi. “We opened it thinking it was security but to our surprise it was Tammy & one of the guys! How the hell they got in the house we still don’t know. The doors was suppose to be locked. Tammy was cool she just wanted her stuff but we didn’t have it so she left. Security was slipping that night tho. #CrazyNight #RHOA #LongStory”

Kenya took to Twitter to share that Glen threatened to kill them, “What you all didn’t see before he left was him threatening to kill everyone. #facts”


On Instagram, Kenya shared a headline from TMZ: NBA’s Glen Rice Jr. Shot in Leg in Gunfight at T.I.’s Restaurant. “This man clearly has a problem,” she said. “I’m thankful my instincts were right. I’m thankful Kandi saw it too. Women need to stop making excuses for abusive men.”

Kenya thanked Real Housewives of Atlanta fans for their support:


For what it is worth, I could not agree more with this blog post on MadameNoire about this episode. In my humble opinion, there’s no room for a “but” argument, here. Kenya did not push Tammy and make her lose consciousness, Glen did. Glen holds all the blame for what happened to Tammy. #IMO


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

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