Happy Birthday Alexis Bellino – See Her New Present – Photo

Happy Birthday Alexis Bellino!  The former Real Housewives of Orange County star celebrated her 39th birthday 10 days early this year. She showed off her shiny new present on Instagram this morning: a white Bentley! 

Alexis gushed over her dream car gift, “Eeeeeeeeeeee! Really?? Happy birthday to me! I woke up to this #surprise in my driveway this morning! I can’t even believe it!!!! #besthubbyever #mydreamcar #bestbirthdaygiftever #birthdaymonth #luckygirl Thank you O’Gara Coach La Jolla for making my #dreamcometrue.”  

Alexis also had a message for the haters who would likely show up and try to ruin her happy moment.  “By the way, before any hate appears, I’m not showing off, I’m REALLY excited, and this is my IG so I’m allowed to share my excitement with you. If you don’t like it then click unfollow, but no negativity will take away from this exciting birthday moment.” 

Happy B-day, Alexis.  Looks like those trampoline parks are doing hella good!  The rest of us will have to hold off on the fancy cars until after tonight’s Powerball drawing! 


Speaking of fancy cars, I wonder what ever happened to Gretchen Rossi’s Rolls Royce.  Apparently she’s suing a local dealer for selling her a lemon Range Rover – back in 2012.  


Photo Credit: Instagram