Real Housewives of Potomac’s Gizelle Bryant Explains Why She Had to Divorce Cheating Pastor Husband

Gizelle and Jamal, who have three daughters together, were a power couple married for seven years.  The former model says that the years she spent with her husband were “blissful,” until she discovered not only had he been unfaithful but had reportedly, fathered an illegitimate child during their union, “I decided I was not going to continue to stay in a relationship in which there was not a major commitment. I’m an old-fashioned girl and if you’re going to commit, commit.”

The now uncoupled pair met when Gizelle, who had graduated from a prestigious black college, landed a job as an events planner at the NAACP.   When she and Jamal met, then married in 2002, they enjoyed an enviable lifestyle that meant living the high life, driving Bentleys and possessing all of life’s fancy trimmings.  Jamal’s star soon rose and eventually, he became the much sought-after pastor of the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, Maryland with a congregation of about 10,000 strong. 

The televangelist, who already had two children out-of-wedlock before he tied the knot with Gizelle was becoming a topic of conversation among those members of the ‘gospel grapevine.’  Rumors began popping up about affairs, one in particular really got those spiritual tongues wagging when it was rumored, he had gotten a 17-year-old female congregation member pregnant.  Jamal later denied the pregnancy rumor in an open letter that appeared in Ebony magazine.  But in 2008, Gizelle could no longer deal with the tempest of negativity that surrounded her and her children, so she decided to end the marriage. 

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The couple now seems to be good these days, Gizelle tells the Daily Mail, and as a matter of fact, she and her once-upon-a-time wandering hubby are now the best of friends and great co-parents.  “It was absolutely the worst of times.  It was lonely and isolating, however I do have a strong support network of family and friends. I just leaned on them at that time.  I’m not one to dwell on anything because I feel like we only have one shot at this thing called life.  So I moved on. He moved on. He’s been doing some great things professionally. We were best friends when we got married and he and I are back at that place.”

Gizelle and Jamal will actually share a scene together this season on RHOP and will reportedly discuss their split, so stay tuned…


(Photo credit:  Bravo)