RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey Talks About Former BFF NeNe Leakes Playfully Giving Her Hard Time On Show

NeNe and Cynthia are BFF again

Well it’s bottle popping time!  The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey and the show’s alum, NeNe Leakes have mended their broken friendship and are now in a better place, or so it seems.  On Sunday night’s RHOA episode, the show’s former “IT” diva, NeNe, appeared on Cynthia’s doorstep in her usual grand fashion and overdone from head-to-toe.

When Ms. Leakes, along with her shiny long blond tresses, skin-fitting designer duds and husband Greg Leakes in tow, rang Cynthia and Peter Thomas’s doorbell, she then greeted them boisterously.   During NeNe’s catty commentary for the segment, she proclaims with a beaming oversized toothy grin, “Yes bitches, I am back!”  She then gives RHOA co-star Kandi Burruss a dig, then announces to all of her haters, “Pick your faces up off the floor, she’s back,” followed by a quick fingersnap.

The foursome seem genuinely comfy with one another, until Cynthia brings up co-star Kenya Moore’s name into the conversation.   Kenya and NeNe were not the best of friends, the mix was downright oil and vinegar.  Even though Kenya tried on several occasions to extend an olive branch to NeNe, the attempt was an exercise in futility.  Cynthia did not mince words when she informed her former BFF, “Kenya is my girl.  Me and Kenya are in a good place.”  During Cynthia’s spiel, NeNe maintains a duck’s pout with lips extended out as far as they can go, while pooh-poohing her every word about Kenya with a nasty glance.  Meanwhile, Cynthia does try to soften what she had just said about Kenya, after seeing her friend’s displeased expression by stating,  “But nothing can ever compare to the friendship of Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes.”  During NeNe’s solo commentary, she expresses how there is no one, who could fill her friendship shoes with Cynthia.  Cynthia then remarks, how she does not remember why she and NeNe fell out in the first place but then jokingly adds, how she is still in therapy after the relationship dissolved. 

Hmmm…truth in jest?

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Meanwhile, in Cynthia’s Bravo blog she states, how NeNe’s response to her being friends with Kenya was just a playful one.  “I don’t think NeNe was upset about this. I feel she was playfully giving me a hard time about my relationship with Kenya as friends do with one another. NeNe and I have not been friends for a couple of years, and I feel we are both reclaiming our place in each other’s lives. These are two different women and two different relationships. I respect them accordingly. They are both dear to my heart and mean the world to me. My goal is to be the greatest friend I can be to both of them. Keep the three of us in prayer.”

Cynthia needs to increase her therapy sessions!


(Photo credit:  Bravo)