Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan is a big fan of pot.  And maybe not for the reasons you’re thinking.  Claudia has a little financial advice for us all.  Don’t invest that money in real estate or stocks, invest your cash in weed, y’all.  The former reality star shared in an Instagram selfie today, “I know some folks are going to bitch about this post but I gotta encourage folks looking for a solid investment opportunity to invest in medicinal marijuana. Do you realize how much money is being made in Colorado? I WISH I would have pulled the trigger when the money was being raised for cultivation facilities. Millionaires are being made guys and girls.” 

She continues, “Medicinal marijuana is proven to help so many ailments. The state of Illinois only approved 21 licenses for marijuana and many people tried to get one-and only a few of US got approved.  Imagine being able to invest in alcohol before it became legal and watching it explode to the huge industry it is now! Invest in the green!”  

What do you think of Claudia’s words of wisdom?  Would you invest in legalized marijuana if you could?  Would you typically take financial advice from a reality star?


Photo Credit: Instagram


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