Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans launched her website, Jenelle Evans: This Is Life, this week. “Go deeper with me,” the main page reads. “I want to invite you into my world. I want you to see the truth beyond the headlines.”

A couple things: 1) Haven’t we already seen enough of Jenelle‘s world on 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom 2, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and 2) The truth according to whom? Jenelle? HaHaHaHa!

I digress. In her first blog, Jenelle offered some background information about her relationship with her estranged father. The original title of this blog post was “Daddy Issues” but she changed it to “From the Heart.”


“A lot of people ask and wonder about my biological father; where he is, why isn’t he in my life,” blogged Jenelle. “Wow, I keep deleting what I write because I have idea where to begin and how to put my thoughts into words. I grew up with my older brother, sister, father, and mother up to the age of five or six from what I can remember. We grew up in Scranton, PA.”

About her father, Jenelle said, “He always knew how to put a smile on my face while singing old songs to me in the car, like Red Hot Chili Peppers and rock music while driving around town in the car running errands. I would love to hear his voice because he actually was a great singer and used to be in a band with Chevy Chase and had blonde hair down to his butt!”

Jenelle went on to say that her mom, Barbara Evans, and her older siblings always had a “sour attitude” towards her father. “Later on I found out there was a huge reason behind that,” she added. “I’ll save that for my book.” <eye roll>

“My mother and father never got along. There was always arguing and physical altercations in my household growing up,” said Jenelle. Sound familiar? “They decided to get a divorce and he moved out. I remember that broke my heart pretty bad, even being so young. I went from seeing him everyday and listening to his soothing singing to nothing but silence at night and my mom yelling at my brother and sister for some reason or another.”

Jenelle said her visits with her dad stopped when Barbara re-married.

“My mother meeting my step-father – to me, I’m guessing – made my father feel like he shouldn’t even be involved anymore,” lamented Jenelle. “Another man stepped into his children’s lives and he just gave-up. The last time I saw my father … my step-father was standing on the porch with us waiting … I honestly feel like my mother did on purpose. A few minutes later, I saw my own father drive past the house after seeing my step-dad standing on the porch. He didn’t stop to pick us up for our visit. I was torn into pieces.”

Jenelle explained that she moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina a few years later. Her father called once, but she was the only one who wanted to talk to him, “I asked my father where he’s been and he said, ‘Home. How are you?’ and I said, ‘Good, when are you coming to visit me?’ and my mom grabbed the phone and said, ‘We can set something up, but you need to come here.’ Ever since that talk I have not seen or spoken to my father.”

“To this day I have no idea whether it was the best choice for me to cut ties with him, like my mother tried to make me do, or if my father just didn’t want anything to do with us anymore,” shared Jenelle. “This thought is always on my mind, but until I get to speak to him, it will never be answered.  Maybe one day we will reconnect once again. Love you daddy.”

Jenelle concluded, “I don’t what happened <she needs an editor> in the past, everyone has a past but everyone can change. I know he loved his kids and if he didn’t he would not have tried to be in our lives in the first place. Questions are sometimes best unanswered.”

In a nutshell, Jenelle‘s father isn’t in her life (not news) and Jenelle knows why her mother hates her father but she’s saving that juicy piece of information for her book (so what was the point of the blog). Jenelle needs therapy, not a blog.


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