Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans is following in the footsteps of fellow Teen Mom stars Farrah Abraham, Kail Lowry, and Catelynn Lowell and is writing a memoir about her life. All 23 years of it. <eye roll> Jenelle hopes the autobiography will help clear up some of the rumors that have plagued her life. Because, as we all know, the Teen Mom 2 star is such a pillar of truth

“It’s an autobiography of basically me before Teen Mom when I lived in PA and then when I migrated down to the South,” shared Jenelle. “It has all the details from before filming, behind the scenes, when we took breaks in between, and stuff like that. A lot of people judge me on TV – they love me or they hate me – and I just want them to see that I had a rough life growing up.”


Ugh. Jenelle sounds like Kail. They both need to accept the fact that a rough childhood doesn’t give them a free pass to act like an a** as an adult. Jenelle added, “I would like to share my experiences with them and hope they can relate to my story. Hopefully they can see the truth to some of the rumors that [have] been out there in the past.”

Teen Mom 2 fans took to Twitter (where else?) with the hashtag #JEBookTitles to offer book title suggestions. Mine: LMAO: Lying My A** Off. Others:

I Got 99 Problems, But a Kid Ain’t One – @983Mcgovern

Are You There Dustin? It’s Me, Jenelle. –  @kisskisskillem  (Dustin is Jenelle’s lawyer/judge whisperer)

Dude, Where’s My Kid? – @E4everM

Penis Over Pride – @983Mcgovern (a play on Kail’s title Pride Over Pity)

Teach Your Kid To Count: 1 Mugshot, 2 Mugshot, 3 Mugshot, 4. – @dupuisg193

Nothing Else Worse Can Happen – @RedWill11 (Jenelle’s own words of wisdom to Babara on 16 & Pregnant)

How To Lose Your Reefer And Your Kieffer: A Motivation Story of the Life of Jenelle Evans – @mellie_mayhem

Jenelle revealed that she plans to include excerpts from her childhood diaries. So, basically, her “Twitter” before there was Twitter. No. Thank. You. “It’s crazy because I read some of my diary entries and I was like, ‘I don’t remember any of that happening or me feeling that way,’” shared Jenelle.


Photo Credit: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

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