Teen Mom 2’s Nathan Griffith Arrested For Domestic Violence; Jenelle Evans Suffered Cut To Her Finger; See Mugshots


In not so shocking news, another Jenelle Evans relationship has come to an end with her boyfriend/fiance/husband being hauled off to jail for domestic violence. It’s a rite of passage, really, for those who end a relationship with the messy Teen Mom 2 star. In case you’ve misplaced your flow chart, Jenelle was most recently engaged to Nathan Griffith, the father of her second child.

Police were called to Jenelle and Nathan‘s home around 4:45 a.m. yesterday morning. No arrests were made during that (probably regularly scheduled) visit, but the police were called back yesterday afternoon and Nathan was arrested for domestic violence. According to the Horry County police report, there was a physical fight involving a toilet and an engagement ring. Only on Teen Mom.


Nathan‘s mugshot:

Nathan Griffith mugshot

Jenelle and Nathan broke up at least ten times since they got engaged early January in St. Thomas. Rumor has it they called off their engagement several times before they even left the island. Since then, they’ve fought over Jenelle’s ex-husband Courtland Rogers and Nathan’s new friend Stevie Ryan. Text messages on February 10 revealed Nathan told Stevie that Jenelle threatened to put marks on herself and accuse him of domestic violence if he left her.

Since then, believe it or not, Jenelle returned to spew her “our love is perfect” nonsense on social media. Nathan decided to try couples therapy. According to Nathan, Jenelle went to the appointment alone, knowing he couldn’t legally drive. “It’s funny I set up couples counseling for Jenelle Evans and I, but since I can’t drive she rather make me look bad on camera,” he tweeted. “Acting like I can’t make it. Oh well there is your ‘reality tv’ for you.”

And now Nathan is in jail. According to the police report, Jenelle said Nathan pinned her against a toilet and forcibly removed her engagement ring, resulting in a cut on Jenelle’s finger. Nathan told a different story. He insisted he never touched Jenelle, adding, she “got upset with him and took the engagement ring off.” Nathan went on to show the police scars on his back in an attempt to prove Jenelle is the violent one in their relationship. Ugh. What. A. Crazy. Mess.

Nathan‘s arrest comes just one week after Jenelle was arrested (for the 11th time) for driving without a valid driver’s license. Jenelle‘s most recent mugshot reveals a not-so-healthy looking Jenelle. Le sigh. Could one of the two recent Crazy Days and Nights blind items be about Jenelle? Both? One said a Teen Mom star was involved with drugs (and a drug pushing ex-boyfriend) again. The other said a Teen Mom star only cared for her new baby when on camera.

Jenelle‘s mugshot:

Jenelle Evans mugshot


Photo Credit: Instagram, wbtv.com, Splash News