Amber Portwood & Fiance Matt Baier

Ex-Fiance Of Matt Baier Speaks Out About His Manipulative Ways; Warns Amber Portwood To “RUN!”

Amber Portwood‘s fiancee Matt Baier has quite the scandalous history. Recently the 44-year-old Matt was exposed as being the father of 7 children, to whom he owes unpaid child support. When Amber learned of Matt’s past the Teen Mom OG star panicked. Recently Amber declared that she loved Matt, despite his past, and would stay with him no matter what. Now Matt’s ex-fiance has forward to reveal his patterns of manipulation and cautioning Amber to be careful. 

Matt’s ex-fiance, a woman named Kelly who alleges Matt is also the father of her 8-year-old daughter (bringing his total illegitimate child count to 8), gave an exclusive interview to The Ashley, revealing Matt’s secrets and MTV’s plans to involve her story in Teen Mom OG (Note Kelly will not be appearing on the show in any capacity). 


“He gets into your head, he’s a good conman,” concedes Kelly. “I thought he was the one for me, that we belonged together. He has this way of making you think that everyone else is crazy. [And] He loves you like no one else.”

After seeing Amber and Matt’s whirlwind romance unfold on Teen Mom OG, Kelly noticed some striking – and alarming – similarities to her own past relationship with Matt. “The speech he gave before proposing to Amber was almost verbatim to what he told me when he asked me to marry him,” she reveals. 

Matt and Kelly met at work in 2007. After they started dating, “Within a month he had moved in,” recalls Kelly, then he quickly proposed. She wanted to wait until after they were married before trying for children, but “he was really pressing to have a baby.”

Kelly relented and got pregnant quickly. That’s when Matt disappeared. “I found out I was pregnant in September and by October, Matt was GONE!” Initially they kept in touch, with Kelly believing Matt would come to his senses. (Note: At that time Kelly wasn’t aware he had so many other children.)

Matt did not meet their daughter until she was a month old. He introduced himself as “her sperm donor,” recalls Kelly. Still, Kelly remained hopeful that eventually Matt would want to be involved in his daughter’s life. 

“I never heard from him,” concedes Kelly, until their daughter was two when Matt reappeared, apologizing and begging for forgiveness. After agreeing to give him a chance, Kelly and their daughter took a trip with Matt so he could connect with her. Things ended early, however, when Matt confessed that he “didn’t feel anything” for their daughter. Kelly never spoke to him again. 

Shortly after Kelly learned Matt was also involved with another woman, who he would eventually father another child with! 

OK – seriously – WHAT IS SUPER SPERM’S DEAL?! If he wants to bang without condoms – get a vasectomy! And Lord, I hope all involved have been thoroughly tested! 

Kelly, now married, and happily distant from Matt (with no interest in a relationship of any kind), was watching Teen Mom OG “her guilty pleasure” when to her shock Matt appeared on the show. “It was surreal,” she says. “When I saw him on there I almost died.”

After the episode Kelly found him on twitter – he blocked her – but then emailed her and asked to talk. “Somehow, he managed to make me feel bad and crazy for being mad at him. He’s very good at turning things around on you.”

This time, however, Kelly wasn’t letting Matt get away with his manipulations. “He has all these kids that he’s not paying for and doesn’t see, yet he’s off attending the MTV Movie Awards,” reminds Kelly.  

After Kelly decided to come forward, a friend secured her the number for Teen Mom OG producer Morgan J. Freeman. Kelly called him and spilled the truth about who Matt really is! 

Kelly was soon contacted by another producer, then a “team of people from the show.” The producers formulated a plan to confront Amber with Kelly’s story. “They left it that they would mention on air to Amber that they were contacted by me and see what she wanted to do.” MESSED UP MTV!

Kelly insists her motivation was not to upset Amber, but because she’s concerned Matt will do to Amber what he’s done to so many other women in the past. Essentially, hit and quit it! 

“My advice to Amber would be to RUN! Don’t get pregnant, that’s the big thing,” warns Kelly. “When you’re with him, you don’t see the red flags. It wasn’t until afterward that I saw everything and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t seen it before.” 

“He didn’t do the shady stuff all at once, this is trickling in for her,” Kelly adds.  

On January 21 Matt received a summons to appear in court over the seven other child support cases from various states. On March 22 a hearing is scheduled. As of today, Kelly has decided to add her names to the list of women suing Matt for child support. A Teen Mom OG producer assured Kelly, “Matt is not yet getting paid for being on the show” but “they will be garnishing his wages” once he’s compensated.  

“His life is seriously like one giant episode of The Jerry Springer Show,” laments Kelly. “Amber needs to get as far as she can from all of that!”

For a list of the children Matt is currently being taken to court over click here

Among some other tidbits Kelly revealed: Matt was briefly a radio DJ whose call name was “The Big Mattress” – Oh the irony! Also he uses alias, including “Grey Baker“, under which he once wrote a book. The Ashley has proof to substantiate both these claims. The Ashley also learned that another woman has recently come forward claiming Matt scammed her out of a lot of money. Currently Matt is allegedly helping Amber run her real estate business… 

Unfortunately Amber is still standing by Matt. After last night’s episode she defended him on twitter. 

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