Amber Portwood Engaged For A Teen Mom OG Storyline? Plus, Jo Rivera’s Girlfriend Vee Torres Is Pregnant!

Amber Portwood and new finance Matt Baier

Amber Portwood has really turned her life around since being released from prison. Now the Teen Mom OG star can add a new fiancé to that list. Amber recently got engaged to boyfriend Matthew Baier, but was it all just a storyline?

Sources reveal that Amber and Matt staged their engagement for MTV cameras to give Amber a compelling storyline about new love, especially since ex-Gary Shirley has moved on with a new girlfriend, new baby, and new condom line (which he didn’t use in time!). 

Even worse – Amber’s relationship is a mess! Matt, 43 (YES! FORTY-THREE!!) met Amber on twitter (YES! ON TWITTER!) this summer and they only met for the first time in “real life” this October. A month after that Matt popped the question! 

Above, Amber and Matt, with fellow TMOG stars Tyler and Caitlynn (also engaged). 


“He proposed in November and she accepted,” an insider shares with In Touch Weekly. Matt gave Amber beautiful diamond ring (which she is keeping secret for now!), but did he pay for it? “The proposal was all for show. He doesn’t have that kind of money.” This wouldn’t be the first time MTV has been accused of orchestrating a proposal for a Teen Mom… 

Amber Portwood's Fiance Matt Baier

Another shot of Matt [Credit: MTV]

Insiders also say not only is Matt faking a stable lifestyle, but he and Amber fight constantly! The couple briefly broke up in January, then got back together a month later – all while MTV cameras were rolling. “They have a very tumultuous relationship,” shares a source. “They get into big fights and Matt says he’s moving out. But then hours later, they act like everything is fine.” So… basically Matt is Gary 2.0

Amber denies there is trouble in paradise and insists her relationship with Matt is nothing like the one she had with Gary! “My life now with my new fiancé is amazing and our relationship is completely different than what mine and Gary’s was,” she gushes to E! News. “There’s not really fighting or anything like that.”

“It’s not perfect, but we’re so happy together. I never thought I could find another man that could make me feel love again, honestly,” Amber declares. “I feel more love for him than I ever have for anybody.”


Amber says the couple hopes to tie the knot “within a year” but they just moved in together so they’re seeing how everything works out. “We really want to learn everything about each other and live this life right now and just make sure everything’s straight before we jump the gun on something because obviously,” she adds.

She also denies that the proposal was fake. “I don’t stage things for [the cameras],” Amber told MTV. “I live my life. MTV follows me — I don’t follow them.” She also says people need to leave her happiness alone. “People just need to accept that I’m happy.”

“We didn’t know each other that long before we got engaged, but we do know we love each other so much and we don’t want anybody else in the world, so we are sure we will be married,” Amber insists. Sounds convincing – Man, is MTV desperate to get a TM wedding, or what? 

Jo Rivera and Vee Torress announce they are expecting a baby due in October!

Credit: Twitter

Moving on, Kail Lowry‘s ex Jo Rivera is expecting a baby with his longtime love Vee Torres! With rumors circulating that Isaac was about to have another sibling, Vee and Jo confirmed the pregnancy news. 

“BLESSED for this journey in my life! This feeling is so indescribable, ” Vee expressed. “It outweighs any negativity anyone tries to throw at me… I am truly humbled and blessed! I am going to be a momma.” Perfect timing considering Teen Mom 2 cameras are rolling… 

Vee also expressed outrage at those who leaked her news to the tabloids, claiming she knew who the source was. “I never been SO P!SSED IN my life,” she seethed. 

Vee and Jo are due in October and she says pregnancy hasn’t been easy. “So far it’s been a little rough but I’m managing!” 

The pregnancy was reportedly planned, although Jo and Vee are in no hurry to get married, but they do live together. Maybe Jo can write a rap about knocking his lady up, cause he has a way with romantical words like that.

No word on how Kail is reacting… I cannot wait to hear this, especially given her love of Vee.


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