Minnie Ross from Little Women: Atlanta

Little Women: Atlanta’s Minnie Ross Talks Reality TV, Her Castmates, And Juicy Drama!

Little Women: Atlanta is generating a lot of ratings and buzz, at the center of the cast is Minnie Ross, the mama bear of the group. In a new interview Minnie dishes on her castmates, what it’s like to be ‘famous’, her childhood as a little person, and drama with her former friend Juicy.

Minnie decided to join the show after being a fan of  the New York and LA franchises. “They’re showing the world how we deal with everyday struggles…,” she explained. “We’re normal like everyone else.”

Minnie’s real-life best friend Monie is also her castmate. They met at Minnie’s salon. “I did her hair. And we just clicked, right then and there. I loved her vibe… We’ve been best friends for years.” 

When Minnie discovered who else she’d be filming alongside her reaction was, “Lord, just take the wheel.” However, she’s having fun. “I just love my group of girls. I love them to death. We might fight, we might argue, but what family – I call them family because they are – what family doesn’t argue or fight?” 

“Like I said before, everybody has drama you just have to be there for each other,” Minnie tells Channel Guide Mag

Minnie is excited by the supportive reaction from viewers. “I went to my hometown yesterday – I went to the mall – and I couldn’t even step one foot in the mall. People was just running and taking pictures with me. I really felt like Justin Bieber or something.” 

Giving some background on her childhood, Minnie’s confidence came from her mother, who always encouraged her to be herself. “She’s my rock because when I was growing up, people teased me,” reveals Minnie. “My mom always told me, ‘You were brought to this world at that size for a reason.’ Now, I see why. Look at me; I’m owning who I am. I am owning that person now.”

“She taught me, ‘Yes, people gonna state, but give them something to stare at,'” Minnie adds. “That’s why it takes me two hours to get ready and walk out the door!” 

Minnie hopes that her role on the show will be an inspiration to other little people. “I’m an open book. I can share my story.” 

Unfortunately not everyone has been supportive of her foray into reality TV. One person in particular is Minnie’s former bestie, Juicy. Their relationship started having problems when cameras started rolling, although Minnie has “no comment” on whether or not Juicy is jealous.

The former friends met years ago; Minnie once relied on Juicy as a mentor “because she’s older than me.” Not anymore! Minnie feels part of Juicy’s issues stem from jealousy over Minnie’s relationship with Pastor Troy. Minnie and Pastor Troy are reportedly expecting a baby together

Minnie is still reeling from her on-screen argument with Juicy. “It’s different to see it in your face,” she admits. “The choice of words that you in that moment, you don’t know what you’re saying but it comes out. You just handle it the way you can.”

As an aside, Minnie also revealed that her nickname ‘Minnie’ is a play on the Austin Powers character ‘Mini-Me’. People started calling her that in 6th grade and it stuck and evolved with time. 

On tonight’s episode of Little Women: Atlanta, Andrea has problems with her boyfriend Chris. Meanwhile Bri invites Minnie and Emily to attend a “Relationship ReBootcamp” therapy program in the wilderness. There, surprising emotions are revealed.   Feeling re-energized, Minnie plans a birthday party but hell breaks loose when the party is crashed by a very uninvited guest!

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