Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis Calls Out Thomas Ravenel On Twitter! T-Rav Responds That She Won’t Allow Him See Their Kids!

Y’all, I am not excited about Twitter drama (lie), but if I was, it’s only because of what it means. In the case of Kathryn Dennis’ recent social media tirade against Thomas Ravenel, it means that Southern Charm is gearing up for another season, and that, to me, is like Christmas. I. Love. This. Show.

No, I don’t take joy in the parents of two beautiful children airing their dirty laundry in the Twitterverse. However, I do applaud Kathryn for putting it out there and keeping it out there, unlike other stars who tweet, retreat, and delete! If she said it, she’s sticking to it! Also, the cynic in me believes that when we start hearing about outside feuds (knowing that Shep Rose, Cameran Eubanks, and crew have wrapped filming in Charleston), it’s because the puppeteers at Bravo are amping up anticipation for the third round of Southern Charm. It’s a Bravo formula that has worked well with multiple franchises, amirite? 


It’s no secret that TomKat (it’s not just for couch-jumpers!) have had a volatile relationship both on and off the small screen, but the couple welcomed their second child, St. Julien Ravenel, back in November. While not officially back together, the duo seemed determined to co-parent their new son and almost two-year-old daughter Kensington. The pair has been quiet on social media regarding their status, but after the below picture surfaced on T-Rav’s Instagram, Kathryn was quick to pounce.

Tweeting her frustration, Kathryn fumed, “Where are u now that I need ya? And your kids need ya? Oh wait. With some hoe traveling the country. #***hole.”

Kathryn quickly followed that statement by posting, “You can be a jerk to me…but not our babies. #iknowwhereyouatdummiecough DC cough palm beach and where are your kids? With moi. Safe.” On the same thread, a follower states, “I hope he’s paying you a lot of child support,” to which Kathryn responds, “Not a dime,” adding, “He calls it ‘a check of goodwill.’ But he also says he’s not legally required to pay anything so he doesn’t. Anymore.”

Her anger doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon, and Kathryn spent yesterday sharing inspirational quotes about motherhood and retweeting fans’ negative reactions to T-Rav’s latest shenanigans, most recently writing, “My baby daddy at bars trying to get youngins once again #calledOUT”

Not one to keep quiet (ever), Thomas has addressed Kathryn’s attack via the Charleston City Paper. He claims, “It all started because someone sent her a picture of me and some girl in D.C. So I’m just not going to post any pictures.”

As to the lack of child support allegations, Thomas asserts, “I don’t have to pay anything, but I’m paying $3,100 a month. I can only see my kids four days per month, and she makes all this fuss just because I put up a picture on Instagram.”

Because the two have never been married, T-Rav feels he’s at the mercy of an unfair state law, citing, “You have to mention the state law. If you’re not married, the woman could be Godzilla; I could be Jesus Christ. Godzilla calls all the shots. That’s the way it is. If we were married, I’d have control. Here are the facts: I don’t have the right to see the kids. She won’t let me see them. I’m paying child support, even though I don’t have to. I’m not using the power of the purse. She’s using the power of the kids by not letting me see them, ruthlessly and to their detriment.”

And we should expect a tweet from Kathryn in 5..4..3..2…

Without a doubt, Kathryn is a fierce Mama Bear when it comes to her little ones, and if the last 48 hours of her Twitter feed are any indication, we are going to be in for a wild ride on the upcoming season of Southern Charm!


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