Tamra Judge Slams Report Of Reckless Driving On Dune Buggy ATV; Vicki Gunvalson Believes Her Mother Was Looking Out For Them


The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Judge is taking issue with certain information regarding her dune buggy rollover accident this weekend.

According to TMZ, the people training Tamra with the Polaris ATVs were telling her to slow down but she didn’t and then she and Vicki Gunvalson rolled over several times, and had to be flown to the nearest hospital.  Tamra is calling bullshit on the reckless driving and also denies the claims that she was drinking.

Tamra lashed out on Facebook, “TMZ get your story straight! whoever is giving pictures and statements you are an insensitive POS. No alcohol was involved I am currently NOT drinking due to my upcoming fitness competition and it was 11:00 in the morning. No one was training me or telling me to slow down.” 

She added, “I have been riding since I was young. It was an unfortunate accident coming off a top of a dune and landing wrong. What is wrong with people? are they that miserable that they want someone else to look bad?” Tamra also revealed that blood tests were performed at the hospital and if she had been drinking, she would’ve been arrested on the spot.

Vicki is not upset or blaming Tamra. She shared on Tamara’s initial Facebook post this morning that she thinks her late mother was watching over them.  “Amen to that Tamra. We are extremely lucky to be alive, along with the other 2 who were in our vehicle. I believe my mother was our guardian angel during our accident yesterday. Rest up Tamra and maybe our next trip can be a spa day or Mexico to woop it up. #thankyoujesus.”

Yeah, I think these ladies ought to stick to dancing on the bar at Andales, it’s much safer! We’re glad they’re okay and resting up today! 


Photo Credit: Instagram