Brandi Redmond Talks RHOD & LeeAnne Locken; Calls Out LeeAnne For Not Buying Anything At The Trunk Show

Real Housewives of Dallas premiered last night. Right out of the gate, there is major drama between Brandi Redmond and LeeAnne Locken. Brandi took to her blog to share her thoughts on LeeAnne, as well as, her excitement over being cast on the show.

Brandi is just a wee bit excited to be a Real Housewife, “Here we go… RHOD! First, I just want to start by saying this is surreal being a part of the Real Housewives franchise. It’s literally like, somebody pinch me please, so honored and excited.” In case you somehow managed not to hear, Brandi used to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, an experience she believes will help her navigate the Real Housewives franchise.


“The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders was a dream of mine since I was a little girl. These dreams became my reality and I cheered for America’s Team for five years and traveled the world. Throughout my experience I learned to balance school, relationships, good health, work, and the importance of giving back to our community. The experience is a full time commitment but not a full time job. We rehearsed almost every night of the week leading up to and during football season. People often ask me what I miss most, and I do miss performing, my teammates, and bringing smiles to so many precious faces from children, to our military, to nursing homes, and of course the fans. The star spangled uniform is iconic and truly the best,” boasts Brandi.

Moving on to what we really want to know more about, Brandi dishes, “OK, so you definitely hear me mention that people are afraid of LeeAnne Locken. She has been known to make people feel threatened or uncomfortable through gossip and knowledge of others. She is loud and has even told me that when she walks in any room she owns the room, which in my opinion is a bully tactic to not mess with her. So, yes, I said it, I meant it, and stand by it. A lot of people know LeeAnne because she attends up to 3 events in 1 night. Her reputation is that she gets around…for the free drinks and appetizers.”

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Brandi defends Plano, “LeeAnne is entitled to an opinion of me, however, to reference Plano is a low blow and clearly disrespectful. Plano is ranked the third hardest working city in America by Money Magazine, in the top 100 in the USA for families to settle, and West Plano (where I reside) is voted number 1 in the DFW area to raise a family. So what does Locken know about Plano other than that I live there? Girl, bye! For anyone that doesn’t know, Plano is amazing and I love it.”

“As far as the trunk show is concerned,” shares Brandi, “it was a intimate affair and I made a nice purchase while enjoying my time with friends and learning more about the cause. Pretty sure, the person that said it was a little Plano did not make a purchase! Again: Girl, bye!”

Brandi explains why she confronted LeeAnne, and how it didn’t exactly go as planned, “I was feeling LeeAnne and her bully tactics trying to make me feel threatened and uneasy. Clear as day and I just thought I had to say something, because she truly is a hurt individual that does the things she does for attention and to own the room. I knew going into the conversation that I wanted to approach her with good intentions, but she turned the entire situation around. She brought up charity and her involvement, but she didn’t understand what I was trying to say. She took it as an attack and used the word pathetic. I never said she was pathetic, but I do think she needs help, because of the way she approaches people. She is always defensive and in your face.”

“Honestly, it feels as if you’re being attacked by her presence,” admits Brandi.


Photo Credit: Bravo