Real Housewives Of Dallas Stars Brandi Redmond And Stephanie Hollman On Friendships, Cast Dynamics, And Reality TV

Apparently it’s Christmas over at Bravo, because last week Real Housewives Of New York returned and tonight’s Real Housewives Of Dallas premiere means we’re blessed with a whole new group of ladies to love and hate! Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman, best friends and castmates, dished with Jenny McCarthy on her SiriusXM radio show “Dirty, Sexy, Funny” about what we can expect this season and how they’re preparing for Housewives notoriety. 

The ladies admit the casting experience was “really fast,” Stephanie jokes, “Brandi and I just acted special the whole time and they loved it, I guess.” 

Almost as soon as filming began, along came the mayhem. “The drama just happened. When you have crazy – it’s a no-brainer.” That “crazy” is castmate LeeAnne Locken


They describe LeeAnne as not just “crazy,” but “bossy” – and Tiffany Hendra is under her manicured thumb! 

“I feel like it’s Star Wars and you’re hanging out with, like, Darth Vader,” laughs Stephanie. “And we’re Jar Jar Binks!” 

“You kinda feel sorry for Tiffany because she has to hang out with ‘Bossy’ (aka LeeAnne),” adds Brandi.

On Bravo Keeping Secrets About What They Were Filming: 

“We didn’t know it was Housewives when we were filming – they told us waaaay afterwards. The entire time we filmed we had no idea. In my mind, I felt like I was making a home video no one was gonna see,” Stephanie jokes. They learned they had filmed Real Housewives Of Dallas the day before they filmed the title shoot, and Bravo required them to hold a star. 

(Note: Bravo did the same thing with Real Housewives Of Potomac. The women believed they were filming a show about the rules of etiquette and once filming wrapped they discovered it would be Real Housewives.)

How They’ve Prepared For Housewives Fame:

Stephanie admits she’s gotten a lot of flack for the traditional roles in her marriage and that her husband makes her do chores to earn money. Her husband Travis is indifferent. “Travis really doesn’t care what people think about him. I feel like he would let the cameras walk in while he was taking a poop,” she laughs. “I try to have him travel a lot.” 

Brandi and her husband went to therapy before filming to avoid the reality TV divorce trap. “I did therapy the whole way through filming too. I just wanted to make sure I was communicating, that I was keeping my priorities straight… A lot of times I would cry about the girls, you know…”


Brandi also reveals that before having her second child she worked for the Department of Defense doing top secret business logistics, but it required a lot of travel. She convinced her husband reality TV would be a good opportunity for her to have something for herself, but also a job that kept her closer to home. Interesting. 

On The Effects Reality TV Could Have On Their Friendship:

“We’re not mean to each other. Do we give each other shit, maybe, on the show? Yes – but that’s just how our friendship is,” explains Stephanie.  Brandi adds, “We don’t really fight. Our friendship’s healthier than most marriages!” 

Jenny warns them of the viciousness of Real Housewives, comparing it to war. She encourages them to strategize. Good thing Brandi has a defense background (and is in therapy). “Honestly, I’m really scared of that,” acknowledges Stephanie. “It’s gonna be hard to hear things about yourself that you don’t want to hear. For the first time in my life I feel extremely judged.” 

Brandi has “thicker skin,” partially from her past as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader when she was “always ridiculed” and “compared” to others. “I’m gonna focus on the people who support me and love me, and everybody else can just f–k off!” 

Dishing on the recent accusations that Tiffany may have been in porn (which Tiffany denied), Stephanie and Brandi are supporting Tiffany’s claims – for now! (Why do I feel like we have Danielle Staub Cop Without A Badge-style expose in Real Housewives Of Dallas‘ future?). “I watched a little clip!” Brandi admits. “In one of her little scenes somebody in a chicken suit comes in and does her. I will never look at Chick-fil-A the same way again.” 

I am definitely interested in how the friendship between Stephanie and Brandi holds up to the pitfalls of Housewives, arguably the biggest curse of reality TV.

Tonight we’ll get out first glimpse of the ladies from the Lone Star State, where even the drama is bigger, and it starts off with a bang!

Cary Deuber hosts a benefit where Brandi and Stephanie’s “inappropriate behavior” upsets LeeAnne. LeeAnne confronts them, causing tensions to erupt at a prestigious charity event. Stephanie is dragged into LeeAnne and Brandi’s arguing. Meanwhile, Tiffany questions whether her recent move back home to Dallas was a mistake.

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting (and recapping). 

Real Housewives Of Dallas premieres 10/9c on Bravo. 


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