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Stephanie Hollman

If you watch Real Housewives with the expectation of viewing women with money AND decorum, skip the group from Dallas.  Unless you consider Kameron Westcott’s artificial social graces.  They are present as facade management, but when questioned or challenged, not quite as polished.  The intelligent and accomplished Tiffany Moon definitely brought it during her time on the show, but its not clear whether she is returning to Real Housewives of Dallas Season Six.

So we are left with the likes of Stephanie Hollman and bestie Brandi Redmond.  Their antics are any mix of vulgar, sloppy, and immature.  It was entertaining for a season or two, but living in multi-million dollar homes while engaging in sorority style antics gets old after a while.  Like, give us something new girls.

Tiffany Moon D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

Is it safe to say that the Real Housewives of Dallas is finally getting into the groove? Season 5 of Dallas covered every style of hot mess available. Mother-daughter drama, the pandemic, cheating rumors, on and on. That said, the real contention didn’t come out until filming had wrapped. Let’s not forget how this cast dragged LeeAnne Locken into things with mere minutes left at the reunion. That’s called a franchise Hail Mary, folks.

Then there was Kameron Westcott getting her husband and brother-in-law into the post-air Twitter drama! Never thought I’d see Miss Priss stoop to RHONJ levels, but here we are.

Woman Who Was Caught In Video With Bryan Redmond Anonymously Shares Her Story; Says It Was Just A “One Night Thing”

Prior to the season finale of Real Housewives of Dallas, Brandi Redmond had already seemingly announced her exit from the series altogether. Brandi had revealed a pregnancy only one week prior. Still, it seemed like the reason for her exit had more to do with her horribly received antics in season 5. It wasn’t until the finale episodes that viewers learned Brandi’s reasoning may actually have something to do with her husband, Bryan Redmond.

Listen, it’s never good when there are multiple excuses to leave a reality show in the dead of night. In this case, it got darker quick. In March an old (pre-pandemic) cell-phone video leaked showing a man who appeared to be Bryan getting close and personal with a young woman in a club setting.  The video quality wasn’t tops, to say the least. Some speculated that Bryan and the woman smooched. Others thought they saw a drug exchange. The moment was addressed in the Season 5 reunion by Brandi and the other women.

Cary Deuber Hints At Possible Return To Real Housewives Of Dallas

Let’s discuss the Real Housewives of Dallas it’s precarious status after a frustrating season. Kary Brittingham dumped salsa on beds and spent the majority of the time with her new BFF tequila. Stephanie Hollman blinked a lot and defended her buddy after making a video mocking Asians, and a social media exercise in how to be a complete dick courtesy of Kameron Westcott’s family went down after the reunion. The whole thing was a mess.

Losing LeeAnne Locken to asshole comments about Kary’s heritage taught no lessons in sensitivity or owning mistakes and Season 5 fell apart after recently-tapped Tiffany Moon arrived as the first Asian cast member. Fans were appalled at how Tiffany was treated and Brandi Redmond’s self-imposed victimization of a tone deaf video no one forced her to make didn’t help. Viewers called for firings or cancelling the show completely and now rumors are swirling some ladies are out. If one door closes, another one opens, and Cary Deuber might be behind door number one.

Andy Cohen

Real Housewives of Atlanta and Real Housewives of Potomac prominently feature Black women’s stories. Still, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Bravo has kept Housewives series divided by race. This whole separate but equal idea was supposed to die after 1954, but it’s lived on in Bravo-land for over a decade.

On Real Housewives of Orange County diversity means casting brunettes. Real Housewives of New Jersey rarely casts non-Italians. Don’t get me started on how Real Housewives of Dallasjustthrew Tiffany Moon, their first Asian cast member, into a sea of ignorant white women because this racist video of Brandi Redmond surfaced last year. Real Housewives of New York takes place in the most diverse city in the United States, but it took 13 seasons to get Eboni K. Williams on screen. Then, after 10 seasons of mainly white women, Garcelle Beauvais was cast on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Rightfully, Garcelle wants to know why it took so long.

Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

The Real Housewives of Dallas really tried it this last season. The franchise had two major blemishes to address. The first of which was carnie LeeAnne Locken who acted like a clown referring to her co-star, Kary Brittingham, as a “chirpy Mexican.” On camera no less! LeeAnne was shown the exit, seemingly easily, after that one. Brandi Redmond, on the other hand, was allowed back after her between-season-call-out for blatantly mocking Asians on her very public Twitter. While Brandi sought a retreat to cure her ignorance, Bravo also had the marvelous idea to add Asian immigrant Housewife Dr. Tiffany Moon to the cast! What could go wrong!?

While I think it was obvious Brandi never stood a chance of redemption, did anyone see the following Kameron Westcott parade of mis-information coming? Her brother-in-law got involved via Twitter. For someone named after an informational graphic, Chart Westcott really miffed his attempt to school Tiffany.

Kameron Westcott Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

Dr. Tiffany Moon was a much-needed edition to the Real Housewives of Dallas cast.  The anesthesiologist brought tremendous intelligence, quirk, and emotional maturity to the show.  She is also the first Asian American housewife on RHOD, and goodness knows the cast needed some diversity, especially after the shameful departure of LeeAnne Locken last season.

The introduction of Tiffany to the show also coincided with the emergence of a social media post in which Brandi Redmond depicted an Asian stereotype.  So as Season 5 began, if anyone seemed that they were walking on the thin ice of cancel culture, it would have been Brandi.  However, she showed so much remorse and humility, that Brandi and Tiffany were able to move forward.  Brandi listened and learned, and Tiffany forgave her for her previous wrong-doing.

LeeAnne Locken Doubles Down Denying She Exposed Brandi Redmond’s Husband’s Infidelity; Has More Receipts

Real Housewives of Dallas opened with Brandi Redmond struggling to navigate fallout from a racist video she made in 2017. On the heels of that clip resurfacing, RHOD introduced the first Asian Housewife on the franchise. Dr. Tiffany Moon attempted to balance her new relationships along with Brandi’s controversy accordingly, but the result was difficult to watch.

Self-produced ignorant videos weren’t Brandi’s only problem. Her husband Bryan Redmond had a viral moment as well. Bryan wasn’t mocking another race but he was allegedly releasing the ginger Kraken on some woman in a bar. Then, according to Brandi, “a fan” sent the salacious moment to Brandi’s daughter. For some reason, LeeAnne Locken’s name was brought up suspecting she both released the video and sent it to Brandi’s kid. LeeAnne has already attempted to exclude herself from this narrative, but not before she has to deny another accusation.