Teen Mom 2 recap

Two nights of Teen Mom 2 in a row and last night’s episode was a big one! It’s more rainbows and sunshine for Chelsea Houska who gets a special surprise from Cole DeBoer. Things are looking bleak for Jenelle Evans, though, who gets unexpected news from her lawyer. Corey Simms and Miranda Simms welcome a new baby while Leah Messer struggles to prove herself to them. And Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin spend some time apart after suffering a major loss.

Cole finally pops the question! We don’t get to see it happen, but we see a few cute pictures and Aubree draws it out for her grandma. Here’s how it went down: Cole took Chelsea to his favorite spot in the woods where he had pictures of the two of them and Aubree hanging on surrounding trees. Aubree was with him so he asked her if it was okay to marry her mommy. He had already asked Chelsea’s parents for their permission and he designed the ring. We get it, Cole is disgustingly perfect.



Later, Adam Lind takes Aubree and Paislee to a bounce place so he can enjoy daddy cellphone time. Adam got 50/50 custody of Paislee by settling out of court with Taylor Halbur. He doesn’t understand why Chelsea refuses to work things out with him like Taylor did. Adam thinks Chelsea’s stuck in 2009 when Adam was a truly horrible person, but he’s turned his life around! “Life goes on, get over it!”

Meanwhile, Chelsea meets up with Randy Houska. Randy’s reaction to Chelsea’s ring: “Holy buckets!” Then he does the BEST impression of Cole asking for Chelsea’s hand in marriage, “Yeah, yeah, um, so I was calling you….” To which Randy had replied, “Good idea, Cole!” I hope we see more of Randy making fun of Cole this season!


Jenelle hasn’t seen Jace in a couple of weeks, but things are going well with David Eason. A couple of weeks without a physical altercation – must be true love. Jenelle leaves Kaiser in his crib to scream into darkness so she can hang out with David. “Night-night,” she taunts. David asks what her plans are for Kaiser’s custody. He thinks Nathan Griffith might still be in love with Jenelle because why else would he be pushing for custody of his child? “You’re not still talking to him?” David asks her. She assures him she’s not and changes the subject to her scholarly pursuits.

Jenelle’s planning on going to school to become a surgical technician. She thinks she can finish the program in a year and half and hopes to have Jace back within that time. David is sure she’ll get custody of Jace, which is pretty much the only thing a man needs to say to win Jenelle over. She asks him to move in since he’s been spending every night there anyway. David teases that she just wants him to do her dishes every day. Yeah, that, and take care of her kids.


Kaiser is in his pen again while Jenelle cuddles one of her dogs. The dog had recently been neutered so now he should stop peeing in the house. I imagine her house smells horrid and the dog pee is only part of it. Tomorrow is Jenelle’s court date for her charge of assault against Nathan’s girlfriend, Jessie. She doesn’t have to be in court, so she’s not going; her lawyer will handle it for her. If she went, she would probably have an outburst and make things even worse for herself.

Jenelle informs David that she failed her background check for the surgical tech program. She’s not sure what the issue was, but if it was the pending assault charge, there’s nothing she can do but wait until the case is over. If she’s convicted, she won’t be able to sign up for the program for six years.

Chances are she didn’t fail because of the pending charge, but rather the many prior convictions on her record, which she always seems to forget. If Jenelle can’t get a surgical tech job, she doesn’t know what she would do as a career. How about the reality show circuit? Couples Therapy is an obvious next step. She would rather work in the medical field, though, but questions who would accept her. “Not many people, probably,” David reckons.

Teen Mom 2 recap

Jenelle still really wants custody of Jace, but she’s dealing with the court case, he has already started school, and he’s happy where he is. According to David, Jace is much happier at Jenelle’s house. David, the resident custody expert, also believes that Nathan has no grounds to get custody of Kaiser because he has no license, no job, and no crib for Kaiser. No crib for Kaiser! Sounds like a blessing for that poor kid.

Nathan and Jessie get their own segment again. The two are hanging out with some friends, boasting that things have been awesome except for Nathan getting injured from “sports.” Nathan’s going to hire a lawyer because he hasn’t seen Kaiser in three and half weeks. Jessie’s prepared for her own battle against Jenelle tomorrow when she’ll testify in the assault case. She’s not worried about testifying, though, because there’s “evidence, proof in the truth.” And Jenelle’s priors.

The next day, Jenelle’s lawyer calls. The lawyer asks whether Jessie was ever in the house and Jenelle confirms she wasn’t. Perhaps the lawyer wasn’t aware of this fact previously because now, after the hearing, the lawyer informs Jenelle that she had no right to defense outside of the house.


The lawyer also had a long talk with Nathan and Jessie. Nathan was the most clear-headed she had seen him in years, but upset that he was not able to see Kaiser. She had advised Nathan to try to work on a custody agreement with Jenelle. Jenelle is taken aback and doesn’t understand why they were talking about Kaiser when the issue was the assault charge. The lawyer reasons that Jenelle is caught red-handed – she admitted to the assault and has no defense. Her best course is to use custody as a bargaining chip to have the assault charge dropped.

Wrongly assuming she has a reasonable client, the lawyer adds that Jessie is a good person and very sweet: “I deal with criminals all day long, bottom of the bottom. I know how to judge character and she’s not a bad person.” If that’s true, she must know how awful Jenelle is. Maybe that’s why she’s encouraging Nathan and Jenelle to work out a custody agreement – for Kaiser’s sake. Jenelle is fuming mad and hangs up on her lawyer. Of course, David is there to fan the flames: “It sounds like she’s trying to help Nathan! She’s not on your side!” Oh David, please shut the hell up.


Leah drops Addie off with Jeremy Calvert. When she pulls up to the drop-off spot, none of the kids are wearing seat belts. Leah and Jeremy chit-chat a little while swapping Addie. At least she’s getting along with one baby daddy.

Back at Leah’s house, we meet yet another young, innocent life she’s responsible for – a kitten! What is it with these girls and all the pets?! I love animals, but if you don’t have your life together, why complicate things more? Leah unloads her drama on a friend, telling her that the twins won’t see Addie at all unless she and Jeremy work something out on the weekend. “Did Corey think about that?” Did you, Leah, when you continued to make poor life choices, jeopardizing your girlses lives, and forced Corey’s hand?

The girls had a hard week away from Leah. Aleeah went into a screaming fit after her tumbling class wanting to go home with her mommy. But Miranda locked the car door and drove off. Not sure what else Miranda could have done, but Leah was beside herself. “Who is SHE?” Leah also divulges to her friend how she’s communicating the situation to the girls. When they asked why they can’t go home with mommy, daddy said it wasn’t his fault. Well Leah’s remark to the girls was, no, it IS their (Corey and Miranda) fault. So not only is she being petty and trying to turn her girls against their dad, she’s also bragging about it.

Later, Leah sees a picture of Corey and Miranda’s new baby, Remi, online. Never missing an opportunity to throw Corey under the bus, Leah ponders aloud why Corey didn’t call the twins to tell them the news. Leah shows the girls the pictures and they’re curious about their new sister. She explains that Remi is red because she was born two months early. Leah sees an opening: “I’ll reach out to your daddy and see if he needs any help with you guys. I’ll ask your daddy if he’ll let you guys stay with me so I can get you to school.” “What if he says no?” The girls wonder. “If he says no, there’s nothing I can do.” And they’ve been dragged in by Leah yet again.


It turns out Corey declined Leah’s offer. She calls her cousin Chastity to vent. She insists she’s happy for Corey and Miranda, but Corey hurt her feelings by declining her help with the girls. She believes he’s not letting her help because he wants control. This would be a reasonable theory if she had her s–t together.

Proving that two and half days is still too much to handle, Leah and the girls are running late to Ali’s choir practice, supposedly because it took so long to get Ali in her uniform. If it were Aleeah, I might buy this excuse, but Ali seems to be fairly compliant. Plus, Leah has a history of being the problem and blaming it on others. As they’re heading down the road, Leah starts hitting her steering wheel in kind of a weird is she mad or did her hand fall asleep kind of way, and yells s–t! She forgot Ali’s tie and has to turn around. Now they’re going to be late and Corey’s already there. She snaps at Ali demanding to know where the tie is, but Ali doesn’t know. Leah found the tie somewhere and yells at Ali, “The tie was in this, who had this?” “I didn’t!” cries Ali. “Are you kidding me right now? Why is my life so horrible? Like what the f-ck,” Leah bemoans before disappearing into the house.

Aleeah has gone back into the house, too, but now she’s running back out, kitten in hand. She trips and falls while bolting back to the car, but manages to hang onto the kitten the whole time. She dives into the car, throwing the kitten into the back seat. Aleeah may have a future as a running back! When Leah finally gets back in the car, she doesn’t know why the girls are cracking up and that Aleeah has a kitten hidden behind her back. She discovers the girls have brought the kitten along when they get to Ali’s choir practice and mercifully leaves the window down so it can breathe. Unfortunately, the windows weren’t open wide enough for the kitty to escape.


Javi’s being deployed in two weeks, so Kail is throwing Isaac’s birthday party now. Kail’s friend questions whether Jo Rivera is throwing another party and why Jo isn’t there. She doesn’t think Jo will throw a party for Isaac, which I don’t understand. Jo seems to do all the typical parent-child activities. I’m sure Kail just wants to make him look bad. She didn’t invite Jo to the party because Javi would have a problem with it. I guess she and Javi forgot who Isaac’s birthday is really about.

Later, Kail reveals she had a medical emergency and had to spend time in the hospital. Javi was not supportive and they got into a huge fight, so they’ve decided to take a couple of days apart, even though he’s leaving for six months in less than two weeks. Kail calls Sterling to let her know she’ll be coming to New Mexico with Lincoln while Javi goes to California and Isaac stays with Jo.

Kail arrives at Sterling’s place, which she may have had professionally decorated before the cameras showed up. Kail confesses that the tensions have been rising between her and Javi, not just from the deployment, but also because she had a miscarriage. They had planned the baby and were planning on announcing the pregnancy on their Christmas cards. Kail and Sterling break into tears. It’s heartbreaking. Kail went through a lot mentally and physically, but felt like she went through it alone. Sterling offers that Javi’s way of grieving may be to not talk about it.

When Kail and Javi meet back up at home, they talk about the miscarriage. Javi admits he was so emotionally invested in the baby that when Kail miscarried, he knew it wasn’t anyone’s fault, but needed someone to blame. He sincerely apologizes for taking it out on her and acknowledges that he wasn’t nice to her while she was going through it. It’s apparent that they’re both still hurting, but now they can grieve together.

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