Brandi Glanville Blackmailed? Butt Selfie Was To Get Ahead Of Ex-Boyfriend’s Threats?

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Earlier this week Brandi Glanville posted an Instagram snap of her bare behind, citing Kim Kardashian for inspiring her to show that moms can still be hot. Now the Famously Single cast member is claiming that it wasn’t so much inspiration as it was blackmail that made her post the sexy snap.

On her podcast, Brandi said that an ex-boyfriend was basically threatening to release some “sexy photos” he has of her if she didn’t play nice with him in the press. So, Brandi decided to head him off at the pass.

Here’s what Brandi captioned her naked butt pic when she posted it (it’s down below if you missed it the first time we shared it), “Ive struggled with wanting to post this but I’ve worked so hard on my body &at 43 after 2 kids I’m very proud.I love that @kimkardashian makes the point that moms are hot even after kids and post sexy selfies. Ive prepped for the haters & was given the blessing of my family! Zero filters zero photo shop #ankle weights work!”

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is now saying that was only part of the story. “Here’s the real deal. First of all, I’m very proud of my body; I take good care of it. I took a picture – well, Mark took that picture last Christmas when he was taking my weave out, and he’s like, ‘We have to get a picture of this.’ Then, I was texting [this week] with somebody I used to date and he, very passive aggressively, made it known and made me very well aware that he had a lot of sexy pictures with me, so I had better be nice to him in the press. And, for me, who thinks just off the – I’m like, ‘That’s blackmail. That’s like passive aggressive blackmail.’ So I went in and looked at what I sent him, and I thought, ‘You know what? This is probably the most naked one I sent him, and I’m just going to get out in front of it – put it out there, and I know I’m going to get hate for it, but my ass looks good, I’m happy with it, and what – what’s he going to do?’ Really? I did it for you, dude! And even if that wasn’t his plan, why would you say that?…that means black-to-the-iz-mail-ail to me.”  She and her podcast producer also joked about the ex probably hoping that Brandi didn’t release any photos of his little penis. Brandi laughs and says it’s 1000% correct and she has photos and videos of it (even though she doesn’t really like that stuff).

Brandi also balked at the people who were commenting and calling her a bad mom for showing off her ass. She’s not sure what the big deal is and why exactly her boys would be disappointed in her. She says she grew up with naked parents and she’s very proud of her parents. “My kids will be proud of me, not only because I’m putting my ass on the line but I’m putting food on the table.” She says those people can “mother-fu**ing suck it.”  Brandi says she does get a lot of love from other single moms. It’s just the haters (that she has nothing but big hugs for) and she thinks they should get some ankle weights, go to the gym and stop hating on skinny people.


I wonder if she was also being blackmailed back in February when she posted this one:


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