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Charrisse Jordan Doesn’t Appreciate Gizelle Bryant Discussing Her Love Life On WWHL

After Gizelle Bryant‘s tea-spilling stint on Watch What Happens Live last week, Charrisse Jackson-Jordan is firing back. Gizelle accused Charrisse of having a “fireman” boyfriend on the side. Charrisse, still technically married to the invisible Eddie Jordan, did not take too kindly to Gizelle spreading her business all over the airwaves even though they’re both on reality TV and have opened their lives up to public scrutiny.

The Real Housewives of Potomac star admits, “I was very disappointed that Gizelle would stoop to the level of being on a national station talking about my life, that she knows nothing about, creating a lie just for attention and airtime. I don’t know why I’m surprised because that’s the type of person we dealt with all season, but this to me was an all-time low for her to even go there.” 


Claiming there’s no truth to Gizelle’s accusations, Charrisse tells the Daily Dish, “I mean, [Gizelle] sits there, and the thing that’s crazy is that she used the term ‘we.’ ‘Oh, we weren’t surprised. We know she has a boyfriend.’ I mean, she made it sound like it’s common knowledge that Charrisse has a boyfriend. It’s a bunch of BS that I don’t know what her problem is, but it’s crazy. No one will co-sign on that story. She used ‘we,’ I guess, to validate what she was saying, but no, there’s no truth to it.”

So, where did Gizelle get her intel then? Word on the street!? Charrisse imagines her nemesis castmate must have picked it up from social media somewhere. Charrisse even claims that fake accounts have been created online in order to smear her character! #WishfulThinking?

Whatever the source of the “boyfriend” gossip is, Charrisse blames “chronic liar” Gizelle for blowing up her game on national television. Charrisse argues, “So that’s where [Gizelle]’s getting it from. But she gets on television and some little crazy person that she doesn’t even know on social media who made these accusations, she’s gonna get on the show and present it like it’s a fact.” 

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Then what are the facts, according to Charrisse? Well, for starters, Gizelle doesn’t even know Eddie! Add that to the pile of lies Charrisse says Gizelle has constructed this season on RHOP! Charrisse defends, “She’s never met my husband. She doesn’t know my husband.” Interesting…verrrrrrrrry interesting. 

Additionally, Charrisse claims that infidelity had nothing to do with her separation from Eddie. She asserts that “people want to assume that because we’re in two different states, it has to do with a woman. That is not the case. That is not the case. Our issues have had nothing to do with another being.” 

But Charrisse and Eddie’s issues have obviously affected their children, as have Gizelle’s public comments about their respective “affairs.” Charrisse concludes by sticking to her statements from earlier this season about Gizelle. “She is just disgusting, and yes, she still repulses me.”

Yes, but is she fake as a $10 bill? Oh wait – that was Karen’s line! (Time for a new script?) 


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo