Gizelle Bryant Reveals Charrisse And Eddie Marriage Shocker; Mike Shouhed Talks Divorce And More

Tonight’s Watch What Happens Live was pretty good tea-wise! The Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant dropped by to share some gossip about Charrisse, while Shahs of Sunset star Mike Shouhed refuted MJ’s wedding absence story from last week and gave some updates on his divorce and his relationship status with Jessica Parido and Golnesa.

Andy starts right off by acknowledging that he saw some sparks flying between Gizelle and Mike, but Mike is “spoken for” – admitting he’s seeing someone and it’s not Jessica.

Andy brings up Charrisse’s bombshell at the end of the reunion where she confessed that her husband Eddie hadn’t spoken to her since the show started airing. Gizelle says that none of them reacted because they already knew and didn’t care. “They’re gonna do what they’ve been doing. He’s gonna be with his girlfriends and she’s going to be with her boyfriend the fireman.”  Andy is giddy over the spilling of tea, of course. Gizelle says the guy is cute with big muscles.

During the reunion episode tonight Gizelle mentioned things being edited out. She explains on WWHL that she meant several scenes of Katie falling down, not being able to speak, “a lot of behavior that frustrated us. If you want to get drunk, get drunk, but do it while we’re not doing this.”

Andy asks Mike the status of his divorce, “We’re separated. In California there’s a six month cooling off period.” When was the last time he spoke to Jessica? He says they’re finally being very cordial with each other. “We keep in touch and touch base. Look, we had five years together. She was 21 when I met her. We shared a lot of memories and very pivotal years of her life.” He says Jessica is not seeking spousal support. (does he even have any dough for her to go after?!)  Mike says that his parents were “so hurt” by everything because they had opened their arms and their life to Jessica and when this happened they feel like they were betrayed. (I hope they are pointing the betrayal blame at Mike for cheating!)


Mike claims he has nothing to say about Jessica’s new man because he “doesn’t care” and adds, “look at me, they’re lining up.”  He also says that Jessica did give back her ring and he feels that’s the way it should be. “We had a short marriage, I supported her the last five years.” He says the ring will help to pay back a fraction of the wedding costs.


Andy plays a clip of GG and MJ from next week’s episode, arguing over dinner. Mike says “see how history repeats itself. Someone who lies, continues to lie is now spreading rumors about somebody like Tommie who is madly in love with MJ. You’ll see this season. The guy would never stray, I promise.”

A caller asks Mike what he thinks of what MJ said last week on WWHL (that she didn’t attend his wedding because she found out the day before that he had cheated). He says it’s bullshit. He says that MJ wanted to bring her mom to the wedding but he wouldn’t pay the $350 per plate charge for MJ to bring Vida because she’s so negative and nasty. He denies that it was because of the cheating scandal. He’s very angry that she didn’t show up because she was like a sister to him.

A caller asks if Gizelle was shocked that Charrisse was so mean to everyone at the reunion except for Katie and if she knows what had happened between the end of taping to the reunion filming. “I have no idea, I was asking myself the same question, but I was happy that she was talking because all season she had been boring.It was like nap time. We were just happy she was talking.”

Another caller asks Mike if he thinks Jessica was with him for the ‘fame.’ He says “no. That’s what people keep claiming but when you get thrown into something like this you can’t help but get lost. I did, too, but I have the opportunity to find myself again.” He says that if anything she actually wanted him to be off the show.

What did Gizelle think of Karen’s comment on Ashley not being a woman until she gives birth? “I agree. We need Ashley to grow up a little bit and stop leaning on the Old Man River that she’s married to and Daddy Warbucks that she’s married to. We just want her to stand on her own.”

A viewer asks how Mike’s relationship with GG is now that he’s not married to Jessica. “You’re gonna have to watch the season but I’m the type of guy that turns the other cheek and if someone is in trouble, regardless of how dirty they’ve been to me before, I’ll still reach down and pick them up. And that’s what she needed. Too many people were trying to kick her while she’s down and I was there lifting her up because she needed help.”

A caller asks Gizelle if it was annoying dealing with Ashley all season and how often she brought up her age? “I actually like Ashley. She’s a little spitfire and she’s funny and she does says some things every now and again that don’t need to come out of her mouth. But I do like Ashley, she’s a fun girl.”

Is there anything Gizelle said this season that she wishes she could take back? “No, I own it all. I said some great things, though, funny things.”

Charrisse Tweeted and said “I guess I’m not that boring after all” since everyone is talking about her tonight on WWHL. Gizelle sniped back, “Yes you are.” These ladies are making that last ditch attempt to secure their spots on season 2, I guess!

A viewer asks what’s up with Mike tonight, saying he seems “intense and brooding.” Mike asks Andy what brooding means because he’s Persian and English is his second language. Mike says he’s happy and not bitter, but he was pretty defensive in how he claimed to be happy, so… even Andy wasn’t convinced.

A caller asks Gizelle why she’s being so shady on WWHL tonight. Gizelle says Mike told her to be that way. Mike admits he told her that if she wants to keep her position, she has to bring it. But Gizelle says she’s just bringing the truth.

At the end of the show Andy congratulated Gizelle on Potomac getting a season 2 and that she’s coming back. So there’s confirmation of at least one of them.

Poll question of the night: which RHOP cast member would you dip into the lady pond with? Gizelle was #1 and Ashley was #2.

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