Charrisse Jackson Jordon Calls Gizelle Bryant A Chronic Liar; Says Karen Huger Stole “So Many” Of Her Ideas

Season one of The Real Housewives of Potomac may be officially put to bed, but these ladies will continue their sniping and shading for some time to come. Whether they’re being shady on WWHL or in their Bravo blogs, they’re still bringing the drama and putting one another on blast. Charrisse Jackson-Jordan is keeping it going in her post-reunion blog.

On her issues with Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant at the reunion, Charrisse says it was “expected.” She adds, “Gizelle is always running her mouth about things that has no true substance. I find her to be a chronic liar. She will make up anything at the expense of others for air-time. What do we really know about Gizelle other than her father’s civil rights efforts and her borrowed dates for a show? Where is her man?  Hmmm…Not much! For someone who gets so wrapped up in everyone’s relationships, yet claims to have men everywhere, she couldn’t convince one of them to date her on camera. Maybe she should spend more energy focusing on her own affairs.”

And she doesn’t feel any better toward Karen Huger, “did she call me snake in the grass? She stole so many of my ideas and made them her own. We spent a lot of time together and I shared a lot with her and I had no idea she was just bating me for material. And it was after the show aired when the Grand Dame in her head, suddenly thought she was too much of a “star of the show” to walk or be seen publicly. Once again mouth almighty Gizelle chiming in on something that she has no knowledge of nor has anything to do with the conversation at hand. Girl, bye!”

She says in her blog that Gizelle doesn’t even know Eddie, “Our friendship came into existence after Eddie left home. She creates stuff for more air-time. Now I understand why when people that have known her longer than I have are surprised that I would use her name and friendship in the same sentence.”



On why she didn’t share much about Eddie, “I don’t think I was being blasé about discussing Eddie. There really isn’t much to discuss when it comes to Eddie. Unlike some, I don’t sensationalize or make things up. I will admit that it is hard talking about something that personal when you’re surrounded by people who really don’t care about what you’re going through.” She says she’s come to terms with the end of her marriage.

Charrisse maintains that she is NOT a narcissist: “I will stand on the point of not being narcissistic. I always put others first to a fault. That’s about to change. But, I will never be the type of person that walks around thinking she’s the best thing since sliced bread. If you are as amazing as you think you are, you don’t have to say a word. People see you for who you are.”

She wraps her final blog and the first season of RHOP by saying she doesn’t have any regrets. 


Photo Credit: Bravo TV