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Abby Lee Miller Blames Dance Moms For Bankruptcy

I don’t get why anyone would lie about their finances…especially if they do their job in front of reality show cameras and seem to be pretty successful. My girl Abby Lee Miller is being charged with bankruptcy fraud and has been acting all kinds of erratic during this current season of Dance Moms. I don’t blame her for being stressed out since it’s a pretty big deal, but it really doesn’t seem to be helping matters.

Aside from that, some information has come out from when she filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Dec. 3, 2010. She claimed to make a pretty minimal salary with a monthly income of $8,882.55. But aside from that and the other specific (but honestly boring) financial information that she claimed, what really stood out to me was that Abby threw some of the Dance Moms cast under the bus and cited them as people who owe her money.


I’m not really into looking at all the specific financials claimed, the bottom line is that she is claiming to make a minimal amount of money and have an outrageous amount of expenses. In a report obtained by Radar Online, Abby said that her Abby Lee Dance Studio customers owed her $7,356. The most juicy thing about that is that she actually listed specific people who she said needed to pay her for her services. Of course, there were some familiar names.

According to Miller, Chloe Lukasiak‘s family owed her $500 and sisters Brooke and Paige Hyland‘s family owed $800.  It’s pretty interesting that the people who she says owe her payments are those who I remember abruptly leaving the team (and subsequently the reality show). So I wonder if they just stuck it to Abby and just didn’t pay or if Abby has an ax to grind by calling out her enemies. I wonder what moms Christi Lukasiak and Kelly Hyland have to say about these claims.

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In less controversial claims, Abby said she spent over $3,000 on costumes and a seamstress for her dancers. So I’m not sure if she’s saying that people owe her that money or what with that. She was granted a discharge from her Chapter 11 case, but now she is in trouble for allegedly concealing her assets after she was charged with making false bankruptcy declarations in November. She pleaded not guilty, but if she does end up being found guilty, she could be in jail for five years and owe $5 million in fines.

Obviously, I have no inside knowledge of Abby‘s finances, but I do watch her show and she does seem to be very successful. Hopefully she can find some way to straighten this all out. I have no clue how much money goes into running a dance studio, but I hope that she was not trying to hide her assets.

That never goes well. Just ask Teresa Giudice.


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