Ramona and Dorinda

Dorinda Medley began this season of The Real Housewives of New York in the hot seat, so she was relieved to be more of a bit part character last week. Calling her RHONY castmates “killer sharks,” Dorinda jokes that “the moment they stop moving, stop preying, stop stinging, they die.” So, who are they zeroed in on now? Newbie Jules Wainstein, of course! 

Dorinda is relieved, but wary. “This week, it’s a relief to see there’s been a cosmic shift away from ME. I’m not in the crosshairs, but like I said last week, that means Jules is in the hot seat, and this one has been set to ROAST.” She adds, “So by now, you’ve seen that Jules is on the spit, getting turned very slowly. Sonja [Morgan’s] on the back burner, just at a simmer, with Luann de Lesseps on the counter, getting primped and prepped for her day in the sun. This is one kitchen I’m glad to be out of at this point.”  


Dorinda breaks her blog down into sub-sections, cheering for how each cast member represents a certain function within the show. “Here’s to the girls who just watch! This episode was mainly all of us gathered around different tables, having another lunch or another dinner while chewing apart someone else. We really are ladies who LUNCH!” jokes Dorinda, but asks why?  “What’s the point? Do any of us have the time or the right to be so judgmental? Well, clearly yes. Should we? No. Our raison d’être cannot be self-righteousness. No one is perfect, and whoever makes that kind of scrutiny of another’s life and lifestyle their priority or pastime is just out of line and probably a hypocrite.”

“Here’s to the girl who plays wife! I could go into each segment of the episode, but the main story lies in this: Jules does not back down and certainly doesn’t shy away. (Remind you of anyone?) To be honest, I’m not sure Jules’ lunch with Bethenny [Frankel] was the right time to share something so deep. I thought this was an opportunity for Bethenny to apologize for her behavior, explain where she’s coming from, and make nice. Instead, it was Jules opening up, out of nervousness, sharing her vulnerabilities and intimacies. I think it’s ultimately a mistake, because any sign of weakness is a prime target for any kind of overlord.”

Next, Dorinda examines the energizer bunny on uppers that is Ramona Singer. “Here’s to the girls on the go! Ramona runs her life in yearly cycles,” explains Dorinda, who was less than thrilled to attend Ramona’s birthday luncheon after all of the shade thrown at her boyfriend, John. “But let me be honest, whereas last year I was excited to go, this year, my stomach churned as I entered the room. You know when you’ve had time to reflect on something that’s hurt you, and it just makes you more hurt? Yeah…that’s what I was going through. I was there to celebrate Ramona’s birthday — again — but I had a few thoughts to share.”

But Dorinda rallied to offer a toast in Ramona’s honor despite her feelings of discomfort at lunch. Whether Ramona picked up on Dorinda’s deeper message of friendship and loyalty remains to be seen. Dorinda reflects, “This was an opportunity to be gracious, sincere, but convey my point about what ‘friends’ really are — even if it was with Ramona’s 50 closest girlfriends. And for doing it off the cuff, I think I did a pretty good job. Not really sure if it was fully understood, of course, but the general feeling and intent was delivered…you got it?”

“Bored of the accusations, the speculation, the bad manners, and the joy with which some react to the misfortunes and pain of another,” Dorinda asks, “What happened to a good, supportive friendship? What ever happened to class? It’s all schadenfreude.” (Cue Luann de Lesseps’ schadenfreude-TASTIC anthem!)

Wrapping up her blog, Dorinda celebrates “the girls who stay smart! When it comes to your close friendships, whether they’re five or 50, there is often too much history to just throw away over hurt feelings and stupid comments. Some of the comments may be true, some may be false, but the intent is to get a rise out of someone, and that’s not what friends do.”

As for Ramona, Dorinda claims, “I still value my relationship with Ramona and consider her a sister, but within that bond, I need her to be my confidant my protector. I need her to be my vault. And sometimes that means she needs to rise to the occasion and have my back. She knows better now, I think. She knows at some point, you just have to rise! But I have to say… once bitten, twice shy. I mean, when you have friends like mine…” 


Photo Credit: Bravo

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