Little Women: NY recap

Little Women: NY Recap: Where There’s Smoke…

Little Women: NY recap

After fireworks during a night out of belly dancing, the Little Women: NY think it’s about time to get away and plan a camping trip to bond and maybe even try and have fun. Let’s see if a little fresh air can mend the rift between Jazmin Lang and sister-in-law/ultimate ball-buster, Dawn Lang.

Jazmin meets up with roomie Jason Perez to discuss her issues with Dawn. Jason believes in tough love but thinks Dawn expects Jazmin to be just like her and that’s not fair. He questions if maybe Dawn resents Jazmin for taking her only brother away and would like to give her the benefit of the doubt but thinks her judgmental nagging is becoming too much to bear. Jason thinks if he can invite Dawn and Jazmin over to his parent’s house to see a loving family dynamic, it might help.


Little Women: NY recap

Lila Call braves Judge Dawn’s chambers, errrr, I mean, apartment to try and play Switzerland between these two. Dawn understands that Lila means well but doesn’t understand why everyone is pushing a friendship between the two. They may be sisters-in-law, but they don’t need to be friends! Lila points out the obvious, that Dawn lacks charm and manners and I guess Dawn didn’t learn those words in paralegal school because she looks confused. Dawn finally shows some vulnerability and admits that she was put up for adoption by her birth parents and was later adopted but always taught to take care of herself. Lila worries that she will just end up ostracizing herself from having any friends.

As planned, Jason brings Dawn over to his parent’s house and pulls another surprise guest move as Jazmin arrives when Dawn wasn’t aware she was coming. Dawn had no idea and isn’t exactly in the forgiving mood. Jason’s parent’s still don’t want to let go of Jason moving out and Dawn says she grew up differently – she was out of the house by 20 and sleeping on a mattress somewhere. Jazmin and Jason try very hard to demonstrate ways of how supportive families can be and their plan doesn’t even come close to working – the more they push the idea, the more Dawn pushes back.

Little Women: NY recap

Clearly, Dawn doesn’t want to be told anything when it comes to her opinion. According to her, family is important but there are lots of “other important things in the day.” It didn’t take Dawn long to see Jason’s hidden agenda (was it when he gleefully pointed out that they help each other when passing a bowl of food?) and Dawn decides to excuse herself in the middle of dinner, claiming she has to work. She leaves and Jason worries that his little plan made things a lot worse.

The next day, Jason decides that he needs to speak with Dawn and she relents to have him over but after she points out that it has to be quick because she’s “working” (at home, on her roof top with a closed laptop). Jason wants to know what happened last night and Dawn says she felt ambushed and goes into full defense mode. She is sick of everyone trying to get involved in their relationship and doesn’t like being the bad guy all the time. Dawn tells Jason to mind his own business and let Jazmin fight her own battles. Jason counters with a camping trip and Dawn, despite her best efforts to not partake in anything that might be fun, finally agrees.

Little Women: NY recap

Katie Snyder meets up with Lila, who would like to try and make up for their terrible welcome at the belly-dancing dinner with a relaxing pedicure. Katie remembers Lila from past little people conventions and didn’t have the greatest first impression. Lila doesn’t really remember and overcompensates with some Lamaze techniques when Katie uncomfortably shifts because the baby kicked. She tries hard to relate to Katie and talks about the recent loss of her dad and Katie opens up about losing her dad as well. Katie is surprised by the support and understanding she got from Lila.

It’s time to board the minivan to go camping and Dawn wastes ZERO time causing issue with Jazmin, who has already claimed shotgun. She snipes that Jazmin always gets what she wants and that this isn’t kindergarten. Then why are you whining about sitting up front!? Jason realizes this might not have been the best plan considering they are already arguing and haven’t even hit the road yet!

Jessica Capri shows up last and it’s time to get this minivan on the road! On the drive up, everyone is treated to Dawn’s incessant back seat driving and correcting. Someone give this girl a Xanax, please. They arrive at the campsite and everyone is pleasantly surprised at how it’s more like glamping than camping. Thing seem to be looking up! For now! Back at the apartment, Katie is skyping with her baby-daddy, PJ. She wants him to come out and help her with their daughter. Katie originally needed a ring for PJ to come out but now she just wants the help. He agrees to fly out and help.

Little Women: NY recap

The sun has set at the campsite and it’s time to start a fire and some drama. Jason wants everyone to let their worries go by releasing lanterns and all Dawn wants to know is if they are biodegradable. Womp womp… there really is no pleasing her. Lila has been dying to prank Jason and gets Jess involved in the plan. As Jason holds a cup of piping hot tea in a lounge chair, Lila sneaks up in a wolf’s mask to scare him and Jason throws hot tea all over himself. Dawn can’t stand to not say anything judge-y and asks Jason if he has always been so easily scared.

The group moves to the fire to roast marshmallows and even that isn’t up to Dawn’s standards – she can’t imagine herself eating a marshmallow off a stick. Jess asks if there is anything Dawn does for fun and Dawn replies “work and make money.” You and EVERYONE else, Dawn. Jess giggles and says there is more to life and Dawn perceives that as an attack and wants to know why Lila isn’t sticking up for her. Didn’t we just hear Dawn preach to Jason about Jazmin fighting her own battles? Once again, those rules don’t apply to the almighty Judge Dawn.

Little Women: NY recap

Dawn pulls Lila aside to whine that she doesn’t have her back and Lila refuses to back down. She tells Dawn that she can’t stick up for her when she doesn’t have any regard for anyone else’s feelings. Dawn keeps repeating that “a friend to all is a friend to none” and then throws in the zinger, “there’s no i in team but there’s a u in c**t.” I wonder how long she has been waiting to use that one? Lila decides she’s had enough and tells Dawn that she does this to herself and can’t defend her behavior while Dawn storms off, refusing to listen.

The next day, Dawn decides that Jazmin is her only family in New York, and suddenly, a truce with Jazmin isn’t sounding so bad. Jazmin apologizes for her delivery the other night and Dawn says it takes a big person to apologize (but doesn’t bother apologizing herself). The conversation seems to go well, and for now, these two seem to have found a way to stop fighting and work on their relationship.

Something aside from Dawn has been bugging Jazmin and she waits until Jess is off calling Katie to bring it up to the group. Jazmin drops the bomb that she saw a very pregnant Katie outside smoking with Jess the other night after belly dancing and has the video to prove it. The group can’t believe what they are seeing and truthfully, neither can I. Katie might be the new girl, but there is no way they aren’t going to get involved somehow.

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