Teen Mom 2 recap

Last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 was relatively low-key. Aside from a standard shouting match between Jenelle Evans and Barbara Evans, there was no major conflict.

Leah Messer and Miranda Simms discuss Ali’s accusations that Miranda doesn’t help her and only pays attention to Remi, but they manage to keep it civilized. We don’t see Kailyn Lowry talk to Javi Marroquin at all, but she tells her friends and Jo Rivera that things are tough and it looks like she’s headed toward a divorce. Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer celebrate Pete the Pig’s first birthday while Aubree cheers Adam Lind on in a weight-lifting competition. Jenelle continues searching for answers to her medical problems and has a blow-up with Babs when she chooses spring break over an important event for Jace.


Leah Messer

Leah’s house is kid-free except for friend Kayla’s baby who’s over for a visit. “Let him stay with me!” Leah says, adding that she lets her kids stay with Kayla. Kayla just says no. No explanation given, none needed. Leah tells Kayla about Chastity’s video of Ali and that she had sent it to Corey. Conveniently, Miranda texts Leah explaining that sometimes she can’t help Ali with her backpack, but she cares about the girls and doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Miranda’s text was fairly innocuous, but Leah is upset anyway because she believes Miranda is being overly defensive. And of course, Corey Simms is at fault for showing the video to Miranda.

Leah actually does something mature and thinks before responding to Miranda. As she tells Kayla, before treatment, she would have responded immediately in a bitchy, defensive way. But that would just make everything worse and it would be better for the girlses if she and Miranda had some kind of friendship. The friendship part might be a little much, but I’m surprised by how well Leah is handling this situation. She probably could have done a better job expressing her concern in the first place, but I don’t expect that much from her.

Leah starts crying and with her hair in wild curls, she gives me a Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction vibe. She goes on to say that treatment was a major eye-opener and there was drama in her life she didn’t realize she had. She didn’t know she grew up the wrong way, but hopes that with enough time, she can unlearn what she was taught growing up. We heard some of Dawn’s parenting guidance last week – kids can eat tubs of icing as long as they’re sitting at the table – no wonder Leah doesn’t see how some of her behavior is unacceptable (smoking in the car with the girls, not strapping them in their carseats, not getting to them on school time, etc.).

Teen Mom 2 recap

When Leah texts Miranda back, she keeps herself under control. First, she apologizes for taking so long to respond. Then she explains that she and Corey need to discuss it if something is upsetting the girls. She wants them to feel safe expressing themselves and know they’re being heard. Miranda and Leah text back and forth and in Corey’s words, it was a very civil conversation. Disaster averted.   

Later, Leah has all three girls and tries to play a boring game with them where she says how she feels and they’re supposed to say how they feel. Except none of them can figure it out and just think Mommy’s acting weird again. Then she drops the twins off with Corey, who acknowledges that he and Miranda have seen a positive change in Leah. No matter what happens in the upcoming court hearing, he hopes they can continue to get along. Corey explains that he doesn’t have a problem with the substance of the court order, he just wants the wording corrected. Leah seems to understand, but she’s always one incoherent conversation with her sister away from thinking Corey is evil incarnate.

Kailyn asks Isaac if Mommy is doing a good job without Javi. He’s only been gone a month and Kailyn is already assessing whether she’s better off without him! Isaac says he’s been doing good, probably because there was so much pressure put on him to be “the man of the house.” He seems to be taking that role to heart though, asking Kail how she feels. He’s six going on thirty-five! She says she feels okay, but she’s got divorce written all over her face.

Kail and Javi divorce

Kail takes the boys to paint pottery and on the way there, Lincoln shouts “Puta! Poopy!” from the backseat. Isaac thinks his brother is weird. While they’re painting soccer balls and Christmas trees, Kail asks Isaac if he thinks she and Javi and Jo and Vee should have any more babies. Isaac says no. Then she asks if Mommy and Daddy should be friends. Isaac says yes. Just wait until Kail tells Javi that she wants to be friends with Jo!

Later, Kail goes to New York to meet with an alumnus of her school to discuss working in the television industry. He more or less reminds her that she’s already on television and should use her connections. If her MTV connections had any interest in helping her with her career, why would she be in New York meeting an alumnus? Afterward, she meets up with friends for lunch. She tells them it’s been rough since Javi’s deployment, so she’s taking the time to figure out what do with her career. She adds that the deployment has been harder on Javi than she expected. I get the impression she thinks less of him for being emotional about his deployment, like he’s not man enough.

When she gets back from New York, Kail meets with Jo to discuss building their relationship. Jo is wary of a friendship with Kail because they have a pattern of getting along for a while, then having months of animosity when one little thing goes wrong. Despite his cautiousness, he does want to work on getting along, but he wants Javi involved, too. Kail confides to Jo that things between her and Javi have been tough and she doesn’t know how things will be when he gets back home. It’s obvious she’s done with Javi.

Teen Mom 2 recap - Chelsea

Chelsea updates her friend on the latest with Adam. He has gotten a lawyer and is trying to appeal the last child support ruling, but never calls Aubree. Chelsea told Adam’s parents that he didn’t show up for the father-daughter dance and, of course, Adam hadn’t even mentioned the dance to them. Adam’s parents told Chelsea they’re glad Aubree has Cole in her life. Chelsea takes this as some sort of approval from Adam’s parents. Approval of what? She didn’t make it clear, but she probably thinks it’s the go-ahead to fully replace Adam.

A short scene of Pete the Pig stinking up Chelsea’s living room with farts cuts to Adam lifting weights. He’s competing and Aubree and Paislee are there cheering him on, “Come on, Daddy!” He wins first place and Aubree is so proud of him. Adam asks her if she wants to do weightlifting when she’s older and she is very clear that she is NOT interested. Then she asks why he didn’t come to her dance. He says because he “had to do this,” which I guess means training for his competition. But he doesn’t seem regretful at all or interested in offering a better explanation. Instead, he says he’ll go to her school “one of these days” to eat lunch with her. Don’t hold your breath, Aubs.

Meanwhile, Cole and Chelsea are fishing somewhere near their house. Even while fishing, their entire conversation is in baby talk, but they’re happy and having a great time, so good for them I guess.

Teen Mom 2 recap - Pete the Pig birthday

Later, they make a birthday fruit pile for Pete the Pig. Chelsea shoots some whip cream in her mouth and asks Cole if he wants to lick some off her nipples. He says “sure” in the most unenthusiastic way possible and finishes topping the fruit pile. Pete happily eats it up while wagging his tail and Cole gets a video of the cute pig butt. Aubree watches the video when she gets home and Chelsea asks her if she talked to Adam about the father-daughter dance. Aubree says Adam wished he had gone but can’t remember what his excuse was for not going. Chelsea reminds her that Cole took her, making sure she doesn’t forget, which is important for Phase 2 of Operation Adam Out.

Predictably, Jenelle’s MRI came back negative, but she’s still in New York getting tests. David Eason thinks the cause might be the birth control she started a month before the symptoms began. Despite coming from David, I think this is actually a logical theory. But Jenelle doesn’t think birth control causes hot flashes AT ALL, even though hot flashes are caused by hormonal changes and birth control is hormones, but hey, she’s the one in the “medical field.” She tries to force tears out of her eyes as she whines that she feels like she’s slowly dying.

Teen Mom 2 recap

When Jenelle gets back from New York, she picks Kaiser up from David’s sister. I wonder if Kaiser is calling David’s sister “mama” yet. Meanwhile, Nathan and his girlfriend are bowling with friends. Just when I thought Nathan couldn’t look douchier, he puts his faux hawk up in a bun. One of his friends mentions that Jenelle has been posting a lot of pictures of her traveling and asks where Kaiser is. Nathan has no idea, but supposedly his lawyer has gotten things in motion.

Jenelle’s tests from New York came back inconclusive, so she goes to another hospital. Barbara calls her and Jenelle goes on a long rant about her symptoms and how no one can figure out what’s wrong with her. Babs thinks she’s been watching too much of “that Walking Dead show.” Later, Jenelle reads a warning about her current medication, which says there is a risk of addiction if you have had problems with addiction in the past. Jenelle reminds David that she was addicted to the purest form of heroin. David doesn’t like her saying that, as if a heroin addiction is too trashy, even for his standards. He says he’d rather be a crackhead than a heroin addict. Jenelle swears she’s never going to be addicted to any drug ever again and she’s going to get Jace back. And you know if Jenelle sets her mind to something, she’ll do it!

Unfortunately, we learn that David is doing “gooch” exercises – Kegels – to make his penis stronger. Later, Babs comes over to Jenelle’s house and tells Jenelle to be available for Jace’s soapbox derby race because she won’t be able to go. Jenelle can’t go, though, because it’s spring break. I wasn’t aware that spring break was still relevant when you have a toddler and another kid you’re trying to get custody over.

Teen Mom 2 Recap - Jenelle and Barbara Fight

Babs gets upset and starts raising her voice. Jenelle tells her to calm down and Babs stops talking, but then she laughs, pissing Jenelle off even more. Jenelle doesn’t understand why Babs is always helping her sister, Ashley, but she’s never there for Jenelle (except for raising her kid for her). Jenelle cries she had to go to the hospital four times for Babs to even act concerned. Babs thinks she might just be a hypochondriac.

Jenelle snaps back that she has so much hatred for her mom, who was supposedly not there to nourish her and give her love. Babs just laughs at the accusation. Jenelle threatens to “full force” take Babs to court because she’s “clean as a whistle.” Babs gives her a look that says “game on.” Babs leaves and Jenelle stays seated on her staircase crying. Kaiser comes over and gives her a big hug. Apparently he and Jace were there to witness the whole fight between their mom and grandmother. Those poor kids are going to need more therapy than Leah.

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