Ramona Singer Has A Lot To Say About Not Trusting Luann de Lesseps Around Men

I have been watching Real Housewives of New York since the show started. So I am still in shock by the evolution of Luann de Lesseps as a character on this show. I know these are real people and not characters, but I just couldn’t imagine someone who initially was so stuck in her prim and proper image being the one who has to defend herself from man-stealing accusations and debatable slut shaming. One of the women who has no trouble slamming Luann is Ramona Singer.

Even though Ramona was (attempting to be) the peacemaker during the ladies trip to the Berkshires, she has no problem coming for Luann in her blog and backing up Bethenny Frankel’s words from the nasty fight she had with Luann. Not only does Ramona agree that the women can’t leave their men around Luann, but she also cites multiple examples to bolster her claims.


Although it was sort of unclear whose side Ramona was on when I watched the show, Ramona really went in on Luann in her Bravo blog. Ramona wrote, “Luann, though, tends to lie and is not forthcoming. We all know this, and that’s why Bethenny lost it on Luann.” Well so much for that countess etiquette… at least according to Ramona.

I can’t help wondering if Ramona is just going against Luann since she got with a guy that Ramona previously dated, but Ramona was more definitive about her issue with Luann when she wrote: “Luann knew I was dating Tom [D’Agostino] as she told me she saw the article in the press.” Watching these episodes, it seems like Luann goes back and forth about whether or not she knew about Tom and Ramona previously being a thing. Sometimes she acts like it didn’t matter and others she acts like she honestly had no clue.

Then Ramona hit Luann where it hurts and cited her own girl code mantra (in a nod to Luann’s admittedly catchy song): “Since Luann and I are supposed to be friends, there is no reason in the world she could not have told me she was dating Tom. I could care less she was dating him but thought it was disrespectful not to mention it. So much for girl code.” Whether Ramona actually has hard feelings or not about Tom and Luann dating, she really does have a valid point about the situation.

But then the blog entry really got juicy and Ramona dished on the dirt that didn’t make the show- and my jaw dropped when Ramona gave multiple examples about Luann (allegedly) going after women’s men:  “A year ago I was speaking to a man at the bar of a restaurant in NYC. He later came to the table and sat next to me conversing with me exclusively for an hour. When I came back from the ladies’ room, Luann was snuggled up to him and refused to move. I just climbed over the booth and pushed her away, LOL.”  This is something that I wish happened in front of the Bravo cameras. It would have been TV gold- for sure.

Then Ramona decided to kill two birds with one stone and throw her recent frienemy Sonja Morgan into the controversy when she wrote: “Sonja has tons  of stories of how Luann would be with the men Sonja was with…” OMG. THIS is the show that I want to watch. Why can’t the camera crew follow these ladies around all the time? 

Ramona wasn’t done though. She kept going and I am still in awe from her claims: “As far as Luann goes, everyone is open game, whether they are married or not. Luann has kissed married men, and everyone has witnessed this. The most notorious was when she was still married and attended the Rome wedding in Southampton, which was reported by New York Magazine. She kissed a woman’s husband in front of his wife and actually said to the wife,  ‘Get over it’ when the wife asked what Luann was doing.” Again- this would have been amazing footage for the show. I wish this stuff was recorded. I cannot handle it.

And Ramona threw another housewife into the mix with her next example about Luann’s alleged man stealing: “Bethenny had a date at the wedding. We told Luann he was wealthy and next thing you know she was all over him and grabbing his crotch on the dance floor.” Oh my god. I can’t even imagine the Countess grabbing someone like that in public- but I guess my mind is just stuck back in season 1.

I wonder how Luann is going to react when she catches wind of this blog. I am just dying to know if any of this is true. Ramona did not hold back- at all. 


[Photo Credits: Bravo]