Sonja Morgan Thinks Dorinda Medley Loves Being In The Center Of Drama

Sonja and the ladies

Say what you want about Sonja Morgan and her attempted business ventures, but you have to admit that she is very endearing. Sonja might lack some etiquette in certain business and social situations, but Sonja has never ever been a mean girl. Sure, she has offended some people, but she was never malicious. And that is why I can’t help feeling bad that Sonja is left out a lot this season on Real Housewives of New York.

Dorinda Medley purposely didn’t invite Sonja to the Berkshires because she said she wanted to prevent drama, but it really just hurt her feelings and there was a shit storm of drama anyway (as per usual). And Sonja is still understandably miffed by the whole thing.


Poor Sonja. It always sucks to feel excluded and I’m sure that especially burns to be left out of a social gathering when its being taped for a reality television show. So even though Sonja wasn’t even present for that weird Berkshires holiday party, she did write about it in her Bravo blog entry.

In fact she opened the entry with this gem: “Like I couldn’t play a game of twister with Dorinda and Jules [Wainstein]? That would have been fun! I miss heart to hearts with Carole [Radiziwill]  too.” Right, I’m sure Sonja is a huge fan of Twister…. I can’t tell if she feels left out of playing that game or if she’s upset to be in less of the episode if I’m being honest.

She also defended her comments about Luann de Lesseps‘s dating life: “BTW I never said Lu was bringing guys back to the house. Not sure where that rumor started. Probably Ramona [Singer] put that in Bethenny‘s ear like she did the garbage about me, my partying and my businesses since I haven’t seen B. And now Ramona and Dorinda are making sure of that.” What does Dorinda have to do with anything? I’ve never ever seen Dorinda gossiping about anyone. Unless Sonja is saying that Ramona gossiping about her is Dorinda’s fault since she excluded her from the holiday party… because that is A MAJOR stretch. I really get that Sonja is hurt because I would be too, but she just needs to let it go. You can’t invite everyone to everything. 

Then Sonja explains that she feels the drama would not have gone down if she was present: “If I were there, no one would be going to bed early. I could have defended myself and some other friends. I’m used to it and always find a way to lighten things up.  It would have been a paaaartay!” No offense to Sonja, but I’m sure the shit was going to hit the fan regardless. I’m sure Sonja would have added some much-need comic relief, but Dorinda’s parties always doomed.

And Sonja just won’t let up about the rescinded invitation: “Now you know it was all disingenuous, the ‘concern’ for me, or they would have had me near.” I honestly agree with her. I don’t think that a good friend would push someone away if they are going through hard times.  A good friend would want her around to help keep Sonja in good spirits. Instead, they just hurt Sonja for some bullshit reason. SMH.

And just in case Sonja’s feelings were not clear enough, she was pretty blatant when she wrote, “Dorinda saying she wanted a weekend bringing out the best in each other is so fake again. She knows us by now, and she loves being in the center of the drama.” Oh shit. I have to assume that Twitter war is on the way since that’s how Dorinda tends to roll.


[Photo Credits: Bravo]