Reza Says Golnesa Is Lying About Rheumatoid Arthritis; Mike Nearly Ruins Asa’s Kaftan Event

On tonight’s episode of Shahs of Sunset, we get more of the same – Mike Shouhed attempting to look like some victim in his separation from Jessica Parido, Reza Farahan being a terrible and unsupportive friend, and more.

Tonight we’ll see Asa Soltan Rahmati’s kaftan fashion show at the Four Seasons (shoutout to Culina with the best food on the planet). The cast – including Asa and her models – nearly get booted from the premises when Mike and Jessica start spatting at the venue. Mike gives her a hard time about “hiding a text message” and Jessica snipes back that she can text whoever she wants “just like you’ve been doing our entire marriage.”  Mike is angry because he wants to keep a tight wrap on their issues and thinks the less people know about what happened, the easier it will be to fix it. Or the easier it will be for Mike, anyway.


Inside Asa’s kaftan event GG is grilled about her health. She just learned the day before that her doctors want her to undergo chemotherapy for two hours per month.  Does she get sympathy from her “friends”? Hell no. The minute she walks away, Reza boldly announces to Mike and Shervin, “I think that Golnesa is lying about having R.A.”  His assumption is that she couldn’t possibly have it since she drinks, smokes and wears high heels. At the very least he thinks she’s exaggerating about the chemo. Amazing support system she has there.

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Photo Credit: Bravo TV