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Shahs Of Sunset Star Mercedes Javid Is Upset Golnesa Gharachedaghi Called Mike Shouhed’s Mom “A Bitch”

This past season of Shahs of Sunset left us with lots of unresolved issues. Usually the Shahs can wrap up every reunion mending fences and ultimately promising to be better friends to one another. But this reunion definitely got out of hand and plenty of mud slinging occurred. Surprisingly, this time it was between Golnesa “GG” Ghatachedaghi and Mike Shouhed. Which I found pretty odd since GG spent the majority of the season defending Mike. She was the only one who really didn’t seem to care that he was cheating on girlfriend Paulina Ben-Cohen and really just wanted everyone to stay out of it.

But they went at it at the reunion and in the heat of the moment, GG called Mike’s mom a bitch. It all stemmed from GG’s anger against Paulina and they went head to head trading insults. After Mike tried to intervene, GG threw the unforgivable insult at Mike’s mom. And now MJ is sounding off about it.

MJ recently took to Tik Tok, reacting to the video clip of Mike and GG’s fight. A fired up MJ said, “I cannot believe she called his mother a bitch. In no culture can you call anyone’s mother a bitch, especially the Persian culture.” She continued to rant, “I do not know how my heart didn’t just dead ass stop and have a heart attack on that couch.”

She went on, clearly heated, “I just want to be able to get over this! Like, we are friends!” Obviously MJ has some strong feelings about this and I don’t blame her. The Shahs are notorious for going below the belt in fights (hello, Reza Farahan). But GG has always been pretty extreme.


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And it seems like GG’s beef isn’t really with Mike. It’s with Paulina. Despite defending Mike, she regularly called Paulina a bitch and made disparaging remarks about her for sending the group the screen shots of Mike’s cheating. Notice I didn’t say “alleged cheating”. Because it’s not. It took Mike most of the season to admit that his iCloud didn’t get hacked and he was sexting other women. Duh.

So what does GG really have against Paulina? Maybe we will find out next season. Until then, GG should go practice some yoga or meditation. And stop insulting people’s mothers, who have nothing to do with her grievances.


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