Brandi Redmond Says Her BFF Stephanie Hollman Is “Priceless”

To keep it real, I didn’t know if I was going to like Brandi Redmond when I first started watching Real Housewives of Dallas. I had no interest in that poop hat story line so I really didn’t know what to think. Over time I realized that Brandi had a lot to offer for this new show and she actually ended up bringing a great deal of dimension.

Another aspect that Brandi brought was friendship. And I just loved watching her and Stephanie Hollman laughing together and living it up on screen. Sure, it got a little inside jokey at times, but it’s just nice to see that these two have a genuine bond. I hate watching reality shows that consistent of a cast that was just randomly thrown together without real prior history. I am so shocked to admit it, but these two really brought a lot to the show’s first season.


In all honesty the finale was a bit of a snooze fest, so I’m not shocked that Brandi didn’t have a lot to say in her Bravo blog, but she did have some sweet things to say about her BFF Stephanie and she shed some light on their history.

Brandi explained why she and Stephanie sign on for the show: “Stephanie and I chose to do this together to give us something fun to do outside of being a busy mom.” Well that and the possible fame and fortune that comes with being a part of one of the most successful reality TV franchises ever.

I’m happy that Brandi shared a little bit more about her past. They really played up her past as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and it’s nice that she revealed some more personal information about her work history: “I left my career being in business development for the DOD in Aerospace Defense, NASA, and Telemetry to become a full time mom after Brinkley was born. Being a mom is the hardest and best job ever but at the same time one becomes so selfless.” I wish that this is something Brandi talked about more on the show since she got constantly pigeonholed as an ex cheerleader.

Brandi explained why she enjoyed filming the show with her closest friend: “The best part of this experience was getting to do it with Stephanie. We have laughed, cried and complained a few times too. Having a friend that you can be yourself with and just let your hair down is a treasure. So if you have you a Stephanie, never let her go. I also want to thank Stephanie for her friendship, love, support, and the best times of my life have been lived with her. You are precious and priceless Steph, love you!” Sure, that wasn’t the juiciest blog entry of the season, but sometimes there just isn’t an opportunity to talk shit. Plus, that finale was honestly lame. And at least Brandi is being genuine with her feelings about their friendship instead of just orchestrating some dramatic take on a boring episode.


[Photo Credits: Bravo]