Dorinda Medley melts down

Dorinda Medley Is Offended By Bethenny Frankel & Carole Radziwill’s Critiques Of Her Home

I have no idea why anyone would ever come for Dorinda Medley after attending on her events. She really is the hostess with the mostest. It really killed me to see the ladies ruin her holiday party throughout multiple episodes of  Real Housewives of New York . Dorinda did what she could to have a fun party and look after her guests. I mean come on, she made lasagna, invited Santa Claus, and got the girls customized wine glasses as gifts. She could not have done a better job!

That’s why I’m vicariously offended by the fact that both Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill decided to make fun of Dorinda’s home and use the house itself as a justification for their behavior there. Not to mention that it literally makes no sense to accuse someone’s home of instigating an argument. Well, Dorinda didn’t take too kindly to the remarks and she let her anger in a pretty public forum.


To say that Dorinda was offended by Bethenny and Carole talking about the Berkshires house would be a major understatement. Dorinda took to her Bravo blog to air out her feelings.

Dorinda wrote, “I had a bit of a problem, to say the least, with what Carole said about the house, and what Bethenny suggested was the problem that weekend.” And once again I have to say that a location cannot be blamed someone’s poor behavior. It makes no sense at all. I’ve heard of people deflecting blame on other people, but it’s super weird for someone to cite a house for the issues within her social circle.

Dorinda continued, “The way they both acted had nothing to do with my home. They could have been anywhere and acted the same way. ” Exactly! These women were going to get into no matter where the show was filming that weekend. It’s beyond ridiculous to say anything otherwise.

Dorinda was not having it with her house being used an excuse for Bethenny unleashing her wrath on Luann de Lesseps: “To be honest, I don’t think they had any intention of treating my house with respect. And don’t believe the excuse that my house brings out something negative in Bethenny.”

I can’t even believe that this is an issue that has been belabored as much as it has, but Dorinda felt the need to state, “Whatever happened during those two visits was because of what was said and the actions of a few, not because of a home’s vibe or energy. ” Well, obviously.

Nevertheless, I can understand why Dorinda would be upset by Carole bringing up her late husband: “As for Carole’s unfounded accusation that my house is filled with the Ghost of Richard…wow, I was shocked she said that. If nothing else, it is so so so hurtful. I have a beautiful picture of us on our wedding day in his office which sits proudly on his old writing desk. The rest of his belongings are in an attic that no one has ever gone into. I am saving some things that I have chosen to save for personal reasons that I have no desire or need to justify.” Carole is a widow herself so it’s pretty shocking that she wasn’t more sensitive with her words when it came to this topic. It really made no sense for her to say this and it clearly hurt Dorinda a lot. 

Honestly I feel a little bit dumb writing a defensive piece about the intentions of someone’s home, but I can see why Dorinda would be peeved (to a certain extent). I just think it was an absurd thing for Bethenny and Carole to bring up in the first place. It really did not make much sense. Dorinda concluded her blog with this zinger: “Whatever they feel about the ‘juju’ that brings out those inner demons has nothing to do with someone’s home. It’s all about the demons they simply can’t control.” These women have been on this show for a while. I figured they would have been able to come up with more creative excuse for their behavior at this point, but I guess not.


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