Little Women: NY recap

Little Women: NY Recap: Contradictions and Contractions

Little Women: NY recap

We last saw the Little Women: NY in the midst of some serious baby shower drama. If you weren’t keeping up, an uninvited Lila Call decided her drama desire to be there was more important than an actual invite to frenemy Katie Snyder’s special day. Jessica Capri, who planned the whole thing, was left to try and kick Lila out on her own while Katie was unexpectedly called in by the doctor and thus, missed her own baby shower.

We resume with Jess storming out of her own house and the party she planned, with the shower guests looking on, totally bewildered. Jason Perez does his best to explain to Lila that this is just like the time when he brought Terra Jole to their apartment and Lila threw a hissy fit because she wasn’t invited. Nice try, Jason, but that wilted purple feather covering half of Lila’s head is not going to allow any logic to sink into her brain right now. Dawn Lang tries to jump in but Jason shuts her down immediately as the guests look on. Someone pop some damn popcorn already!


Lila argues it’s not the same and tries to deflect the blame on Jess but quickly follows up with saying us little people need to stick together. Jazmin Lang is totally embarrassed at the scene they are making and just when it starts to get even more heated, Jess walks back in and says she will stick it out for Katie, who isn’t even there.

Katie Snyder baby shower

Katie and good for nothing baby daddy, PJ, come back and poor Katie looks exhausted. Jess speaks with Katie privately about the fact that Lila wouldn’t leave and Katie looks like she would just rather just go into labor than deal with this nonsense. Dawn immediately starts in on PJ, condescendingly asking him if he’s ready to be a father and how he’s prepared. How would Dawn know how to prepare anyway? Katie goes over her doctor’s visit and luckily, her baby girl is a healthy weight of 6 pounds, not the 3 pounds they were previously told.

Katie goes about opening her gifts and while she opens Jess’s gag gift, Lila just can’t help herself by picking apart each item. Once done, she pulls Katie aside to give her an apology for being there and for everything else that she has done. Lila was doing well until she tries to throw Jess under the bus again by claiming she is standing between their friendship and drinking Jameson. Katie couldn’t care less but Lila persists in that Jess shouldn’t be drinking around a baby. Katie is still unfazed but I really wish she would just tell Lila to stay in her lane. The premise of Lila being worried to the point of overstepping her bounds is wearing thin.

Little Women: NY recap

The next day, Jason and Jazmin try and discuss what happened with Lila at the baby shower like two normal adults but Lila immediately storms out of her room to yell at them for even talking about it. She swears up and down that Jason’s comparison of Lila being upset over Terra coming uninvited to their pajama jam is TOTALLY different than Lila showing up uninvited at the baby shower. Why? Because Lila cares about baby Kingsley! Jazmin stops the screaming and they go about cleaning. The fight is over for now, but I don’t think we have heard the end of it.

Jason and his boyfriend, DJ, head out to dinner for some much needed alone time. DJ knows that the drama in the apartment is mounting and asks if Jason has thought about moving in with him. Jason isn’t thrilled about this idea, mainly because he feels like Connecticut is just too far. DJ takes it like a grown up and says that he will either have to find a job closer or eventually, Jason will have to figure out the next step. He also points out that Jason might not want to deal with the roomie/friendship drama much longer.

Little Women: NY recap

Katie and PJ go to a newborn care class and we quickly find out that they really don’t have anything purchased or prepared for bringing the baby home. Like, really. The teacher asks them to pick up the baby dolls used for demonstration so they can learn how to hold them. PJ grabs his by the foot and then proceeds to look pretty bored the rest of the class. Katie should take a class on how to deal with deadbeat boyfriends! After class, Katie questions how they are going to pay for everything and PJ just keep mumbling something about how the man upstairs will take care of it all. This doesn’t placate Katie at all and I don’t blame her.

Dawn’s friend Doris is in town and she brings Lila over to meet her. Doris is a paralegal too and Lila shades by guessing how much fun her conversations with Dawn must be. If Lila would just stick to this type of lighthearted shade, I would love her every episode. The talk turns to dating and Lila goes into WAY TOO MUCH detail about her escapades from the night before. Naturally, Dawn has concerns. Sigh… now she has a problem with Lila’s online dating. Is there anything she doesn’t have a concern with?

Little Women: NY recap

Dawn and Lila go out to lunch with Katie’s mom, Kathie. Dawn has been “friends” with Katie since they were young, so she knows Kathie and therefore, justifies their meeting as something that isn’t designed to further insert herself where she doesn’t belong. Kathie doesn’t deny she has worries about PJ but stops short of saying anything outright negative. Lila wants to know how PJ is bringing in money and when she doesn’t get the answer she us looking for, she outright asks Kathie if she is giving them money. Kathie laughs instead of bitch-slapping her. Dawn won’t let up and says she will tell PJ that he needs to get his shit together.

Not sure how and why Kathie is possibly agreeing to this lunacy but she probably doesn’t want to be bothered anymore. I guess if Dawn and Lila are willing to take one for the team, even though it’s completely not their place or even remotely close to their business, then they might as well be the bad guys.

Jazmin and Jess meet up with a trainer in the park to get their sweat on. Once the workout is over, Jess admits that it’s been tough to live with Katie and PJ while they wait for Kingsley to arrive. It’s clear that Jess is legitimately worried about Katie for the right reasons, unlike Lila and Dawn.

Little Women: NY recap

Speaking of, the goon squad of Lila and Dawn meet up with Katie at the laundromat so they can “school her on priorities”. Can these two make it a priority to worry about themselves and not everyone else? Katie hopes they are actually here to help and not piss her off but she quickly finds out that’s not the case.

Dawn starts with PJ not being helpful enough. When Katie defends him, Dawn insinuates that Katie isn’t being honest with herself. Lila interjects with her opinion on safety and then they start in on PJ not having a real job. Katie has had enough, says she is sick of them nitpicking her, and storms out of the laundromat. Lila and Dawn just won’t give her a second to recover and run off after her. Dawn is annoyed that Katie doesn’t want to hear her completely unsolicited advice. Seriously, the nerve. I don’t know where Lila and Dawn get off thinking they can bully a pregnant woman they barely know into listening to their advice and then get mad when she doesn’t want to sit there and listen.

Katie Snyder labor

Katie breaks down and calls her mom – her cramping might be labor and her mom suggests going right to the hospital. Kathie, Jess, and PJ pick up Katie, rush her to the hospital and save her from having to go back and face Lila and Dawn’s firing squad. I’m all for looking out for your friends, but this went way too far.


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