Ramona Singer Shares Her Thoughts On Jules Wainstein’s Divorce Announcement

If anyone knows how Jules Wainstein may feel about her husband Michael Wainstein (allegedly) cheating on her, it’s her Real Housewives of New York costar Ramona Singer. After all, her ex husband stepped out on her in a very public manner. And just like with the Singers, no one saw Jules and Michael’s divorce coming and no one suspected that Michael was cheating. Sure, we still haven’t seen this whole season, but before last night’s episode there weren’t any blatant red flags. With that said, I’m sure we will all be watching the rest of the season with some confirmation bias, looking for signs – like the ones from last night’s dinner date.

We all know that Ramona has never been one to hold her tongue and with a topic that hits so close to home, it’s really not shocking that Ramona has already spoken out about the Wainstein divorce announcement.


I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from Ramona since she is not the most gentle person in the world, but she was very positive and supportive of her costar. During an interview with Page Six, Ramona said, “Jules is a strong woman, she has the support of her parents, she has the support of her friends. I’m giving her my support, I’m sure the other ladies on the show will give her their support also. This is when you need your friends and family the most, and she’ll be OK.”

That was really sweet and supportive. These RHONY ladies may battle it out with each other, but it’s nice to see that they actually have each other’s back when they face troubles outside of the group. 

Within the same interview, Ramona revealed that she actually met Jules four years ago, which was conveniently excluded from the show for some reason that does not actually make sense to me. But maybe they just didn’t keep in touch since then?

But anyway, Ramona also said, “I always liked her and I always liked her spirit. She’s a great joy of life, great energy. And unfortunately, stuff happens in life but I know she’ll be stronger for it and she’s going to be just fine.” 

If anyone knows this to be true, it’s Ramona. Ramona is better than ever after her divorce from Mario [Singer]. She really seems to be enjoying life and living it up.


[Photo  Credits: Bravo]