Michael Wainstein

Jules Wainstein With Children

Bravo alumn Jules Wainstein did a great job staying in the press after her one-off season on the Real Housewives of New York City. Shortly after her season wrapped, she filed for divorce from her allegedly cheating husband. Restraining orders, police intervention, and child support drama all made their way into the mix too.

Things calmed down for a while until earlier this year. Many will remember Jules making headlines this past February for her arrest. She had allegedly attacked her estranged husband Michael Wainstein. Now, some good news (relatively speaking) emerges for Jules. She is allowed to see her kids again.


The legal drama continues for Real Housewives of New York alum Jules Wainstein. Last month, Jules was booked for battery in Palm Beach, Florida. She allegedly attacked her ex Michael Wainstein, in front of their two children.

As a result, the kids were released into Michael’s custody. He currently has a protective order against Jules.

Real Housewives Alum Jules Wainstein Arrested After Allegedly Attacking Estranged Husband Michael Wainstein

At this point, I feel like the Real Housewives should just stay away from Palm Beach County. Nothing good ever happens to a Real Housewife in Palm Beach. Just ask Luann de Lesseps.

Former Real Housewives of New York cast member Jules Wainstein was arrested over the weekend after she (allegedly) attacked her soon-to-be-ex-husband Michael Wainstein. Jules was a less-than-memorable one-season cast member. However, she’s made some interesting headlines ever since her exit from RHONY, thanks to her increasingly nasty divorce from Michael. Just like Meghan Edmonds, Jules is a lot more interesting now than she ever was when she was on camera as a Real Housewife.

Jules Wainstein's divorce

This breakup between Jules Wainstein and Michael Wainstein keeps getting messier and messier. And the divorce issues aren’t just between the two of them. Unfortunately, the dramatics are affecting their two young children. And Michael’s refusal to pay $135,000 in child support could land him in jail.

This whole time, Michael has claimed that he doesn’t have the money to pay for support and that the requested dollar amount is unrealistic, but now he’s spending a lot of money on trips and nights out…. thanks to his parents footing the bill.

Jules & Michael

Ironically enough, the drama really turned up in Jules Wainstein’s life after she got the ax on Real Housewives of New York. Unfortunately for her (and her children), the issues between Jules and her soon-to-be ex-husband Michael Wainstein seem to be getting worse. His attorney alleges that Jules went through a five-figure child support payment in TWO DAYS.

Apparently that money didn’t go toward the home electric bill since the electric was shut down at the family residence where their two kids live. This would have been a super juicy story line on Real Housewives of New York… so I can see why Jules might be happy that her reality TV career was over before it really began.


Bethenny Frankel

Apartment drama continues for the ladies of Real Housewives Of New York, past and present. Bethenny Frankel is on the move – yet again – while Jules Wainstein continues to fight her ex Michael for money and property.

Of all the things RHONY has taught me it’s that one should never invest in property with a significant other. After separating from Jason Hoppy, Bethenny moved into a Skinny Girl decorated pad in SoHo, but barely two years later, she’s listing it for $5.25.


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Unfortunately for the ladies, the cast members of Real Housewives don’t always have the best boyfriends and husbands. Sometimes that makes for good TV and other times it’s just genuinely sad to watch and hear about. Nevertheless, there are Real Housewives husbands and fathers that you would never want to date if you had the chance – at least in my opinion.

These dudes are the worst of the worst: from the cheaters to the jail birds to the fame hungry. These are not the kind of men that you would want to be with, but they managed to end up with reality TV’s finest (and some of them did make for better reality TV viewing).


Jules Wainstein's divorce

Unlike her short time on Real Housewives of New York, Jules Wainstein’s divorce has been chock full of drama. From a surprising divorce filing to Jules’ infidelity accusations against Michael Wainstein and the police intervention in between, there has been so much controversy.

Jules and Michael are definitely not going to be friends after this is all worked out. I even find it difficult to imagine them peacefully co-parenting. Hopefully I’m wrong, but considering what went down when they appeared in court this week to work out a custody agreement, it doesn’t seem likely.