UPDATE: Million Dollar Listing Star Matt Altman Files A Restraining Order After Receiving Anti-Semetic Death Threats

It’s so unsettling to hear about people being anti-Semitic in 2016. I figured society would already be past having such prejudicial thoughts, but that is sadly not the case. Unfortunately, Million Dollar Listing star Matt Altman is going through a tough time these days.

Not only has Matt been the victim of anti-Semitic sentiments, but he has also received death threats in conjunction with that. Even though Matt has filed a [temporary] restraining order, it is still a horrifying situation.


This is just a horrible situation for Matt. He must feel so shaken up and uncomfortable – to say the least. A man named Alex Khadavi, who is a well-known dermatologist in Los Angeles, is the one that Matt says has been harassing and threatening him, according to TMZ.

Matt says that he received death threats on the phone and in person – FOR YEARS – according to the restraining order document. Apparently this man has been making racist and homophobic threats via phone call for a long time and things took an even crazier turn when he showed up at a private real estate event.

He walked up to Matt and said that he “hated all Jews” and continued to threaten Matt’s life.

The restraining order says that Khadavi has to stay one hundred yards away from Matt, his girlfriend Johanna Sicat, Matt’s brother Josh Altman, and Josh’s wife Heather Bilyeu.

I just hope that the restraining order is enough to keep this psychopath away from Matt and his loved ones. 

UPDATE: A statement from Alex‘s rep: “These ridiculous allegations are completely false. Not only is Alex Jewish, he had a bar Mitzvah! Alex Khadavi is a very well respected business man and was an invited guest of the real estate reception in which he attended with his contractor, who is Jewish, and his interior decorator, who is gay. Khadavi has been a medical volunteer for the past 14 years at the USC county hospital and has lectured in over 22 countries to various individuals from all walks of life. He is currently out of the country lecturing on behalf of the PanAmerican Congress of Dermatology.”

“A restraining order has not been served,” adding, “It’s a temporary restraining order. The first one was thrown out because Altman didn’t show up (June 2nd). On the 10th, is when his lawyer re-filed. Khadavi has not been served.”


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