Below Deck Mediterranean Recap

Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Feeling The Heat

Last week on Below Deck Mediterranean, Deckhand Danny Zureikat continued his quest to rub every last crew member the wrong way and this time, it was Chief Stewardess, Hannah Ferrier.

We jump right back into where we left off, with Hannah storming off from dinner and her fight with Danny and Julia d’Albert Pusey running after her.

When she finally catches up, Hannah expresses how upset she is that Chef Ben Robinson never sticks up for her. When everyone gets back to the ship, Hannah requests to speak with Ben outside and wants to define if they are work colleagues or friends. He dances around giving a specific answer and a tearful Hannah has nothing left to do but go to bed.


I guess all that drama makes Hannah a bit frisky because the next morning, she summons Deckhand Bobby Giancola to her quarters to help her put a top on and join forces against Danny.


On a more professional side of the boat, First Mate Bryan Kattenburg is trying to figure out how to work with Danny by assigning him to make a list of what Danny thinks Bryan thinks he should work on. Huh? Danny gets to work, scribbling down his list with way less passion that he scribbled down an ode to where dead fish go. He manages to come up with the obvious: be less chatty with the guests, actually do work, keep his phone away, and don’t get involved in other department’s drama.

Below Deck Mediterranean Recap


Speaking of drama, Hannah decides to take her grudge against Danny to a whole new level and goes to Captain Mark Howard. She informs him that Danny showed the last set of charter guests (the pathetically desperate Mr. Milkshake and Friends) pictures of other charter guests (the Tilted Kilt girls) that he has been keeping on his personal phone.

Captain Mark is understandably concerned and calls Danny to discuss. It was a pretty light talking to and Danny apologizes. But not so fast, Captain Mark requires that Danny turn over his phone from the moment the charter guests arrive and he can’t have it back until they leave. Danny agrees and says he refuses to be chased off the boat – he’s not done annoying people, dammit.

Bryan is on his own quest and that’s to be the most condescending douche of a boss ever. So far, he’s succeeding and just in case anyone on the Ionian Princess forgot, he calls Julia to clean the common area that the crew shares. Then he micromanages and orders her around the whole time, all while sniping that he’s doing Hannah’s job of giving directions. When he snaps at Julia for her (nonexistent) attitude, Hannah immediately jumps in to defend her. She literally creates a body block between Bryan and Julia and tells him not to speak to Julia like that. Even as they finish their tasks, Bryan doesn’t want to let it go and continues to follow them around, antagonizing them and being intolerable.

Below Deck Mediterranean's Bryan

Bryan goes back to Danny and Ben to whine about it and tells himself that he needs to be a d*ck sometimes to get stuff done. Keep telling yourself that, Bryan. While you’re at it, have another drink.

The next morning, Danny is still in bed and says he is shivering, feels weak, and has a fever. Bobby assumes he’s faking and has zero sympathy; I just assumed he had one too many milkshakes on the last charter. We are both wrong because by the time Bryan gets to him, his fever is now 101 degrees. Since Danny is useless, Bryan calls on Tiffany Copeland to step up. He also wants to hash things out with Julia. While I didn’t exactly hear an apology from him, he listened to what she had to say and vowed to be more of a gentleman.


It’s time for our all-female charter guests to arrive Bobby compares them to the Golden Girls. Hannah thinks this will be an easy charter as the guests politely request tea sandwiches and margaritas. It’s time to anchor the ship so the guests can Jet Ski. Deckhand Jen Riservato accidentally lets said Jet Skis float away and Bryan is quickly losing patience in her abilities.

Below Deck Mediterranean Recap


Once the Jet Skis are wrangled back to the boat, the guests take off on them and the crew is left to set up dinner on the beach. Bobby makes a big show of carrying the woman from the boat to the beach so their dainty feet don’t touch the water and Ben cooks on a fire pit. The guests have requested s’mores, which Hannah has never heard of and keeps pronouncing as “schhhhmore”. Because of the lack of proper American marshmallows on the Greek Isles, Ben is forced to slap some pink Peep-looking things onto the s’mores and isn’t happy, but the Golden Girls couldn’t care less.

Back on the ship, Captain goes to check on Danny and his fever is getting worse – it’s now 103.2 and the Captain is worried. Everyone comes back to the boat and Hannah is thrilled the guests are headed off to bed at 11:15 pm.

While the crew cleans up, Bobby misinterprets Julia’s nice nature with flirting again and complains about it to Jen. She admits that Julia’s cuteness sometimes makes her seem more flirtatious than she means to be (uhhh, what?) but tries to remind Bobby that in two weeks, he’s probably never going to see her again.


Ben and Captain Mark try nursing Danny with a cold compress and Tylenol to bring his fever down. Someone else on the boat has a fever and it’s Hannah – she calls Bobby outside to have a cigarette and fondle.

The next morning, Bobby is feeling some regret for kissing Hannah and feels the need to come clean to Julia. Why, you ask? Because he still seems to think he has a chance with her, even though she has told him that she has a boyfriend and doesn’t like him like that. He reasons that he doesn’t want Julia to find out about this from someone else and is still unsure of what’s going on between them. Julia giggles at his confession of kissing Hannah (oh, there she goes again, being all cute and leading guys on with it, right, Jen?) and continues ironing as Bobby pretends to be mad at himself for falling prey to someone he doesn’t want to be making out with but did anyway.

Ben checks on Danny again; his fever isn’t budging and Ben tells Danny how a high fever can affect your vital organs, like your brain. So one can conclude that Danny has been running a fever for weeks now? It’s time for medical intervention and Captain Mark makes the call to get Danny off the boat. Here is wishing Danny a speedy recovery so he can get back to doing what he does best – annoying the hell out of the crew!

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