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Patti Stanger Says Reality TV Stars Deserve More Respect; Disses The Kardashians

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I never understood why Patti Stanger was so harsh to her clients when I watched Millionaire Matchmaker. I know that nobody wants to watch a reality TV show with a main character who is effusively nice and fawning over the guests, but I always felt so awkward watching Patti’s unnecessary critiques of single millionaires and their suitors.

It’s clear that Patti’s criticism wasn’t just reserved for the cancelled Bravo reality show. Patti has been speaking out to get attention promote Million Dollar Matchmaker – her new show that is just like her old one – and she had a lot of interesting things to say and it somehow involved the Kardashian family.


In a recent interview with Fortune, Patti shared that she thinks reality TV stars deserve a lot more respect than they currently have.

Patti said, “We need more respect. The Emmys need to recognize us and give us more categories.” And that specific sentiment is something I agree with, but then she went on an expletive-filled rampage. “We’re the only ones making f**king money at this point. Some day they are going to have a writer’s strike and a director’s strike and an actor’s strike – and they are going to be really f**ked. Everyone is watching us.”

Obviously I’m addicted to reality TV (I mean, hello, I’m writing this post), but it still doesn’t sound like she knows what she’s talking about. There actually was a writers strike a few years ago and right now there are a lot of scripted shows that people are loving – but that’s standard Patti: instead of making a positive point to support her own view, she just had to add in something negative about the scripted shows on television.

She continued to rip into scripted television when she said, “It takes as much effort and time to get on TV and we have to come up with our own words. These actresses are given words – they get trailers, car service, and hair and makeup. Half of us don’t get any of that. We work 14 hours a day – we need more respect in the industry.” I definitely agree that reality stars deserve more respect than they get, but I don’t feel like disrespecting TV actors is the best way to get that done.

Then the conversation turned to Kim Kardashian, which it often does in pretty much any situation. Patti was asked if she felt like “Kim Kardashian is getting props for using reality TV to sell her brand.” In response, Patti talked about a thought that a lot of people have about the famous family: Kris Jenner pulls the strings. 

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As per usual, Patti can’t give anyone a compliment and said this about Kim: “I don’t think she’s in control – her mother [Kris Jenner] is in control. Her mother studied Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, she studied all those girls. And she was like: ‘one day Kim, we’ll have our shot.’ She was smart. She took a starving athlete [Bruce Jenner] who couldn’t make a dollar and made a thing out of him. Because, even though he had won the Olympics, he was bad with money. Kris Jenner was good.” 

It is so ironic that Patti did an interview about reality stars not getting enough credit when she spent a majority of the interview taking the credit away from other (more) successful reality TV stars. And on top of that, Patti is nowhere near the level of success that the Kardashians and Jenners have on reality TV – let alone outside of it. So it’s really not fair to say that Patti is an authority on the topic. Plus, she’s the one whose show just got cancelled only to come back to another network with a rip-off of her own idea. Not exactly an innovator there.

When asked if the “Kardashians have helped elevate the profile of other reality TV stars, Patti talked about two shows that pretty much no one watches and made no sense when she said, “No! [The Kardashians] are an isolated incident. Unless you’re on a big show like the X Factor or you’re Gordon Ramsey, you aren’t going to get that. You have to build your empire here, and the money isn’t what it used to be. Too many apps, too much original content on digital, and a lot of f**king competition.You have to wow the crowd. And that isn’t easy. Fame is time and work. You have to have a work ethic.” 

Even though it’s impossible for Kim K and her family to carry the rest of the reality TV stars on their backs, it is not a stretch to say that their success has inspired and helped other reality TV personalities to have legitimate careers. They have turned their TV fame into multiple other businesses and there are plenty of other reality stars who have followed suit. Patti just sounds like such a hater throughout the whole interview and I feel a little hypocritical for hating on her back, but it is not like she wouldn’t trade places with a Kardashian in a heartbeat. We all know that she wishes for that level of fame.


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo