Aside from the nonsense story lines with Jacqueline Laurita and the two new Housewives that none of us know yet, the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 premiere episode was really emotional. At this point I just wish that the show was about Melissa Gorga, Teresa Giudice and their families. I guess that it basically is, but officially dropping the dead weight (Jacqueline) would make for a great show.

But anyway, the Gorga/Giudice portion of RHONJ was on point and I was all sorts of emotional when I was watching it. Melissa and her husband Joe Gorga were so excited and nervous for Teresa to come home and I really felt the tension when I was watching-I also have no life, but anyway)… Melissa shared her thoughts on the first episode of Season 7.


I’m sure that the premiere episode was tough for Melissa to watch especially since she and Teresa are besties these days. It must make her uncomfortable to relive a time when there were so many unresolved issues between the two of them. Melissa reflected on the episode in a Bravo blog entry.

Melissa wrote, “I have to say that last year was one of the hardest years for our family. While Teresa was away, everyone was worried for her and wanted to make sure that she was doing OK, but our main concern was her daughters. It was a time for everyone to open their eyes and see that life can change at any minute and it really put things into perspective.” Obviously it’s horrible that their lives came down to this, but the one silver lining of this whole legal debacle is that it helped bring together these dueling family members and helped them realize what’s important.

I don’t know about you, but I felt so awkward watching Melissa talk about how she hadn’t talked to Teresa for a year, which she also wrote about in the blog: “Last year, Joe and Teresa were emailing each other to keep up-to-date on the family and I was sending her pictures of her girls and her parents and writing her letters telling her I was praying for her. Before Teresa came home, I didn’t really have any contact from her, so I had no idea what was going through her mind or how she was feeling about me and our relationship.”

Just like the rest of us, Melissa was also moved by Teresa walking through the door at the end of the episode. She wrote, “I will say, she definitely is a strong woman. She got through it and watching her walk through the door and see her children was another favorite moment from the episode. It was so emotional, so heartfelt, and I cried happy tears to see her hugging her girls, back in her home where she belongs. I love how the girls jumped into her arms.”

It was just really killing me that Teresa and Melissa didn’t get to interact during the premiere episode. I wish it focused more on that than the other random cast members talking about face lifts and what they wanted for Christmas. Melissa didn’t really reveal much about what happens when the two sisters-in-law reunite (because she just wants us to watch and see), but she wrote, “You will have to watch to see what happens when we finally see each other. “

I am so curious to see how Melissa and Teresa are able to go from sworn enemies to frienemies to actual best friends and I cannot wait to see this all play out throughout Season 7.


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