Little Women: Atlanta Season 2 Premiere Recap: Why You Always Lying

If it’s one thing that the Little Women franchises can bring to the table, it’s drama…and babies. Little Women: Atlanta is no exception so let’s jump right in and see what these ladies have in store for us this season!

Amanda and Andrea Salinas, also known as the Tiny Twins, have been pretty busy. Andrea is 26 weeks pregnant with her boyfriend and full disclosure here – I had to fact-check which twin was actually pregnant because I really can’t tell them apart. I was thinking I could manage by boob tattoo alone until I realized they both have boob tattoos. So many chest and boob tattoos with this cast.


Little Women: Atlanta Season 2 Premiere

The twins are meeting up with Monie Cashette and Ms. Juicy for some water aerobics and gossip – mainly, Minnie Ross’ pregnancy with Pastor Troy. If you can manage to mentally go back to the nonsense of season one, you will remember that Minnie faked a whole relationship about Pastor Troy to the girls and it finally came out at the end of the season that she made it up. By the time we got to the reunion, she was pregnant with his baby and he was aware of it, so we assumed maybe they did have more of a relationship than we thought.

Even though Ms. Juicy was Hater #1 when it came to the Spanish Inquisition of making sure Minnie’s fake boyfriend lies were exposed, she now wants to throw Minnie a baby shower. She also thinks Andrea is ready to pop that baby out before she has even hit the third trimester, so not sure Ms. Juicy is the best choice for anything baby related.

Little Women: Atlanta Season 2 Premiere

Emily Fernandez and baby daddy Lontel are in Dallas for her prenatal care. Her C-section is in a few short days and baby JJ is doing well but there is a good chance he is a little person since Emily is carrying a lot of amniotic fluid. Emily has to wait to speak with her doctor after they see the results but aside from that, how cute is her daughter?? Adorable.

Minnie has been putting off speaking with her mom, Tammie, about her pregnancy but she can’t wait any longer. As Minnie starts explaining, HOLD UP, did she just say she’s not pregnant!? Minnie is unsure of whether or not her period was just delayed or if she was pregnant and had a miscarriage.

For the record, I don’t like to speak on such a sensitive topic like a miscarriage, but this one is clearly going to be a main story line and it’s hard to swallow since Minnie just lied about Pastor Troy being her boyfriend. This doesn’t look good for her, especially since she just said she didn’t know if she was actually pregnant or if her period was just late. Any woman would know and here’s how: you would have seen two damn lines on a pregnancy test! What the heck?? Did she just assume she was pregnant after a few days or weeks of not having her period!? Come on, Minnie! This is going to make for one awkward baby shower. Also, why are these girls even throwing her a baby shower when she isn’t even past the point in her supposed pregnancy for it to be confirmed by sonogram? So many questions here.

Little Women: Atlanta Season 2 Premiere

Tammie is mad that she found out from TMZ that her daughter was pregnant and Minnie starts crying because she wants her own child and she is worried the girls will think she lied about her pregnancy. Um, they will.

Andrea has her own baby problems – she and Chris are living in their own place, down the hall from Amanda and her boyfriend, because they couldn’t afford the last place. Times are tough because you can’t twerk when you’re pregnant and it’s hard to find a job when you did jail time. Tensions are high too.

Emily is ready to meet with her doctor to find out the results of baby JJ’s testing and bestie Bri Barlup tags along for moral support. The doctor has diagnosed baby JJ with achondroplasia, which Emily isn’t upset about – it’s Lontel that she has to worry about. Emily tells him over lunch and Lontel doesn’t really give a supportive reaction. He says he would prefer that the baby is tall so he can play sports and he would like him to look a certain way. He is concerned about what other people will think and Emily, probably exhausted from dealing with pregnancy, lets him off the hook for such an insensitive statement.  

Little Women: Atlanta Season 2 Premiere

Monie and Ms. Juicy go baby shower decoration shopping and Monie decides to question the possible shade behind Ms. Juicy’s desire to throw the damn thing to begin with. Ms. Juicy says she just wants to be happy for Minnie and Monie has no choice but to drop it and go along with the plan.

Minnie has some more unfinished business in telling Pastor Troy that she’s not pregnant so she drops by his studio. Pastor Troy seems to think the whole pregnancy thing is hilarious and teases Minnie about having morning sickness. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even believe she was/is pregnant. Not that Pastor Troy gives her much opportunity, but Minnie chickens out, doesn’t tell him and he goes right back to rapping in a studio that I’m pretty sure is a rented storage unit.

Minnie also chickens out when it comes to lunch with Amanda and Andrea. Again, not really sure what everyone thinks the timeline is for her pregnancy, but one of the twins asks if Minnie is feeling any kicks yet. Since both of the twins have experienced pregnancy, they would know that you don’t feel kicks until you’re well into you’re second trimester. Do they really think Minnie is that far along? Obviously, none of this is adding up.

Back in Dallas, Emily had her C-section and after a bit of a scare, baby JJ is stable and resting in the NICU. He is a little person and also has complications like clubbed feet but Lontel finally stepped up and has showed some concern for someone outside of himself.

Little Women: Atlanta Season 2 Premiere

It’s fake baby shower time and I can’t wait to see this mess! It looks like everyone has caught on to the fact that Ms. Juicy is throwing this baby shower with the intention to shade Minnie and her *possible* pregnancy. Ms. Juicy doesn’t disappoint and jumps right in asking Minnie the usual pregnancy questions like, what have you bought and how far along are you? All pretty standard stuff. Minnie can’t answer and then has no choice but to come clean….sort of. She explains that she missed her period for weeks and then went months planning like she was going to have a baby but she thinks it was a miscarriage. Huh? Show me the receipts! I mean, the pregnancy tests!

Ms. Juicy asks her point blank if she was ever pregnant and Minnie admits she did take a pregnancy test and it was negative. Now it’s about to go down and the ladies tell the men to shove off so they can dissect this story. Minnie says by the time she went to the doctor to take a pregnancy test, it was negative and can’t really answer much else. Monie is really mad and suggests a psychiatrist. Minnie starts to get defensive and we are left with a “To Be Continued.”

Little Women: Atlanta Season 2 Premiere

I hope everyone kept the only receipts that actually matter in this case –the ones from their baby shower gifts!


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